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wd:Q12957718Jezik i nacionalizam34676463467646
wd:Q20018074Relativna rečenica34609113460911
wd:Q20032127Riječi na granici punoznačnosti34674133467413
wd:Q23327424Bermuda's Legacy: Policy, Patents and the Design of the Genome Commons16676591667659
wd:Q24635914Inventions on GUI for Eye Cursor Control Systems12646871264687
wd:Q27478402Ideological Segregation among Online Collaborators: Evidence from Wikipedians28519342851934
wd:Q27778086The People’s Encyclopedia Under the Gaze of the Sages: A Systematic Review of Scholarly Research on Wikipedia20213262021326
wd:Q27865634Is Google the Next Microsoft: Competition, Welfare and Regulation in Online Search12655211265521
wd:Q30251536Analyzing Accessibility of Wikipedia Projects Around the World29513122951312
wd:Q42013239Science Is Shaped by Wikipedia: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial30395053039505
wd:Q43382979Lazy Prices16584711658471
wd:Q50553887Blockchain in Automotive Domain31395893139589
wd:Q53792082When Banks Grow Too Big for Their National Economies: Tail Risks, Risk Channels and Government Guarantees21819262181926
wd:Q55670016Financing Dies in Darkness? The Impact of Newspaper Closures on Public Finance31755553175555
wd:Q55964710Un père à retrouver : le volcan dans la littérature infanto-juvénile de La Réunion35909183590918
wd:Q58374484Model Selection and Error Estimation248567248567
wd:Q60500658The Global Commons of Data32634663263466
wd:Q61816896'At the Very Beginning, There’s This Dream.' The Role of Utopia in the Workings of Local and Cryptocurrencies33171213317121
wd:Q61982243Should Law Subsidize Driving?33453663345366
wd:Q62059122Antitrust Limits on Startup Acquisitions33500643350064
wd:Q62489455Trying to understand article 1333544943354494
wd:Q62512169What's in a Name - Facebook's Real Name Policy and User Privacy33321883332188
wd:Q63248175Exposing Professionalism in United States Copyright Law: The Disenfranchised Lay Public in a Semiotic Democracy25984582598458
wd:Q63350901Government Technology Policy, Social Value, and National Competitiveness33554863355486
wd:Q64411318How Much Do Consumers Value Interoperability? Evidence from the Price of DVD Players29987672998767
wd:Q64475810The New Legal Landscape for Text Mining and Machine Learning33316063331606
wd:Q65548827A 'Third Way' Out of the Copyright Thicket?29215232921523
wd:Q68059262Copyright and Inequality23983732398373
wd:Q76841155Migration As Decolonization33303533330353
wd:Q76842356What Does the Emerging International Law of Migration Mean for Sovereignty?22314542231454
wd:Q79519323The Value of Corporate Values956170956170
wd:Q86371230The concept of comonotonicity in actuarial science and finance: theory302322302322
wd:Q87002930Extremal Dependence Concepts24363922436392
wd:Q87191950Joint Mixability25570672557067
wd:Q87411836Quantile-based risk sharing with heterogeneous beliefs30799983079998
wd:Q95124171Practical Concepts in Contract Law10165651016565
wd:Q987348972019 Novel Coronavirus Disease, Crisis, and Isolation37850773785077
wd:Q99528887An Examination of Demographic Differences in Obtaining Investment and Financial Planning Information33692673369267
wd:Q101129912Network Formulations of Mixed-Integer Programs970911970911
wd:Q105708645Moving mindfully: The role of mindfulness practice in physical activity and health behaviours37850793785079
wd:Q105708669Using physical activity to enhance health outcomes across the life span35655863565586
wd:Q105708696Spiritual well-being in sport and exercise psychology35656093565609
wd:Q105708730Functional significance of participation motivation on physical activity involvement35656203565620
wd:Q105708825A comprehensive measure of participation motivation: Examining and validating the Physical Activity and Leisure Motivation Scale (PALMS)35656323565632
wd:Q105708855Integrating neuroscience in clinical psychiatry: A paradigm shift35656403565640
wd:Q105708880Mindfulness-based CBT for treatment of PTSD35656353565635
wd:Q105886541Importing Equality? The Impact of Globalization on Gender Discrimination324052324052
wd:Q105902893Physical activity for health and wellbeing: The role of motives for participation37195843719584
wd:Q106247618Winners and Losers in Russia's Economic Transition149989149989
wd:Q106463589B Lab: Building a New Sector of the Economy20379072037907