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Let’s Go Fly a Kite: In Pictures
Finn Ryan
October 12, 2021
An exploration of brotherhood, societal division and redemption, Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner was no stranger to somber and despairing subjects.  The novel captured...
Students and staff adapt to pre-COVID bell schedule, following tumultuous 2020-21 school year
Ian Sun
September 21, 2021
RADNOR, September 21 - Radnor High School announced a change to the weekly bell schedule for the 2021-22 school year: instead of continuing last year’s schedule of four...
Dr. John Crosby: Radnor Superintendent, Mentor, and Uncommon Individual
Ellie Davis, Editor in Chief
September 13, 2021
The new coat of paint on the fieldhouse just finished drying as the Class of 2022 enters their senior year. Each senior class cherishes the beloved tradition of painting...
Farewell, Class of 2021: The Radnorite Senior Edition
Anne Griffin, Editor in Chief
June 21, 2021
On Wednesday, June 16 at 4:00 pm, Radnor High School’s Class of 2021 graduated. The ceremony was held outdoors at Villanova University with beautiful weather, celebrated...
Students walk out for better equity + inclusion and change to history curriculum
Ian Sun
June 17, 2021
RADNOR, June 17 (Radnorite) -On June 11 at 9:15 AM, many students walked out to the cafeteria courtyard to protest the lack of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in Radnor...
Featured Radnor Beat Articles
Remembering 2021 Senior Festivities
Anne Griffin, Editor in Chief
June 16, 2021
In many ways, the Class of 2021 has had an unprecedented senior year. And yet, in other ways, the traditions and celebrations for the graduating senior class have remained...
Teachers and Staff of Radnor, Thank you
Finn Ryan
June 15, 2021
It was one of those Friday afternoons when the school bell seemed to taunt you and the anticipation swallowed you whole.  I was sitting in my First-Grade class and my teacher,...
In Focus Podcast Presents: The Transition to Phase 1
Andrew Rosin and Sammy Rosin
May 27, 2021
Join hosts Andrew and Sammy Rosin for the first episode of the Radnorite's In Focus podcast. From the safety of the Phase 1 plan to its impact on the teaching and learning...
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