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With students back in school, parents can stop complaining about their kids’ mental health
Ellie Davis, Editor in Chief • September 14, 2021
When the pandemic struck in March of 2020, parents were able to experience firsthand the damaging psychological effects of barring children from school. With kids back in school, parents can breathe a...
How To Leave the School in Under an Hour: Alternative Routes to Avoid Radnor’s Construction Traffic
Sarah Tachau, Radish Associate Editor • June 10, 2021
Seniors, and Juniors who are parking in the Senior Lot, is the 3pm bus traffic driving you insane? Do you ever question, “Would there be any consequences if I sped past the security guard or drove over...
Extreme Makeover: District Website Edition
Finn Ryan • June 7, 2021
In light of recent findings, the Communications Department has taken it upon itself to redesign the website, comparing the task to that of HGTV’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.  At the heart of the...
The Unsettling Disappearance of the “We Love ‘R’ Seniors and Staff” Signs: A Formal Investigation
Sarah Tachau • May 24, 2021
It was the eerie morning of March 22nd, at approximately 8:15 am when disaster struck.  Anxious Radnor students and teachers were driving to school for their first day of full in-person school this year,...
What Type of Girl Boss Are You?
Tess Brennan • May 17, 2021
In the era of girl bosses, do you ever sit back and wonder, what type of girl boss am I? Well, look no further. Read through the carefully constructed list of the types of girl bosses and their most attractive...
COVID-19 Morning Screener Survey 2.0
Sarah Tachau • May 13, 2021
Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including the Death Tolls!
Akshay Sethi • April 30, 2021
Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, brought an end to state-wide mask mandates and restrictions on March 2nd, bragging that, like everything else, state Coronavirus death tolls are simply bigger in Texas. “Big...
Are Semi-Automatic Water Guns Necessary for Senior Assassin?
Andrew Rosin • April 28, 2021
RADNOR - After 80 students were shot in the first round of Radnor High School’s annual Senior Assassin game, water gun safety advocates have called for tighter regulations on semi-automatic water guns....
“Historic”: RHS Conducts Fire ‘Drill’ Without Warning
Ian Sun • April 22, 2021
On Tuesday, April 6, 2021 at precisely 1:23:45 PM, Radnor High School students became the first witnesses of an unexpected fire ‘drill’ that was truly historic, unprecedented, and the first of its...
Questions With Zack Anagnos
Gerry Atkinson • April 21, 2021
As the Radnor winter sports seasons come to an end, the time for Radnor's more talented and photogenic athletes to submit their highlight reels to colleges has begun. One such talented athlete is Radnor's...
If you’re going to cheat over Zoom in 2021, here’s how to not be stupid about it: DIY Zoom Cheating Methods
Sarah Tachau • April 20, 2021
The 2021 school year has certainly been unlike any other at Radnor. Between the virtual school start, a new mascot, and the unstable PSATS, Radnor students have certainly been thrown for a loop. But by...
The Finger Licking Lavatory Lounge: This Year’s Delicious New Food Chain
Ellie Davis and Nathan Kellerman • April 9, 2021
A group of bright entrepreneurial students at Radnor have successfully launched a new business: The Finger Licking Lavatory Lounge (FLLL). Why eat in established Radnor High School dining locations like...
Another High School Experience Down the Drain 
Gerry Atkinson and Tess Brennan • March 11, 2021
On January 17th, 2021, the RHS School Board had a virtual meeting to discuss assessment changes, annual data reports, their weekend plans, sports news, and the new PE requirements for all Radnor High School...
After Shattering Students’ Asynchronous Day Plans, Radnor Administration Announces There Will Be a Second Winter Break
Sarah Tachau, Opinions Associate Editor • February 25, 2021
“Important Message: Due to forecasted weather, Tuesday, January 26th will be a virtual instructional day for all K-12 students,” the bold font read on the district webpage the tragic night of January...
Pros and Cons of Reverse Evacuations
Andrew Rosin, The Radish Editor • February 19, 2021
Radnor High School recently introduced Reverse Evacuations, a protocol that directs students to re-enter the building due to an external threat. The Radish looks at some of its pros and cons. Pros: ...
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