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001 123224158 003 OCoLC 005 20191111032353.0 008 041110s2005 nyua 000 0beng cam4a 010 2004063396 019 227980586 020 0743227352 020 9780743227353 020 0743285115 020 9780743285117 035 (OCoLC)123224158|z(OCoLC)227980586 040 DLC|beng|cSTF|dBAKER|dBTCTA|dCO3|dHEBIS|dBDX|dOCLCF|dOCLCO |dOCLCQ|dYDXCP|dI8H|dNZAUC|dOCL|dOCLCO 042 pcc 043 n-us-ny|an-us-nj 049 VCNA 050 00 F128.9.J5|bF74 2005 050 00 F128.9.J5|bF74 2005 082 00 974.7/043/092|aB|222 100 1 Freedman, Samuel G. 245 10 Who she was :|bmy search for my mother's life /|cSamuel G. Freedman. 260 New York :|bSimon & Schuster,|c©2005. 300 337 pages :|billustrations ;|c23 cm 336 text|btxt|2rdacontent 337 unmediated|bn|2rdamedia 338 volume|bnc|2rdacarrier 520 1 "When Samuel G. Freedman was nearing fifty, the same age at which his mother died of breast cancer, he realized that he did not know who she was. Of course, he knew that Eleanor had been his mother, a mother he kept at an emotional distance both in life and after death. He had never thought about the entire life she lived before him, a life of her own dreams and disappointments. And now, that ignorance haunted him." "So Freedman set out to discover the past, and Who She Was is the story of what he found. It is the story of a young woman's ambitions and yearnings, of the struggles of her impoverished immigrant parents, and of the ravages of the Great Depression, World War II, and the Holocaust." "It is also the story of a middle-aged son wracked with regret over the disregard he had shown as a teenage boy for a terminally ill mother, and as an adult incapable for decades of visiting her grave. It is the story of how he healed that wound by asking all the questions he had not asked when his mother was alive." "Who She Was brings a compassionate yet unflinching eye to the American Jewish experience. It recaptures the working-class borough of the Bronx with its tenements and pushcarts, its union halls and storefront synagogues and rooftop-tar beaches. It remembers a time when husbands searched hundreds of miles for steady work and wives sent packages and prayers to their European relatives in the desperate hope they might survive the Nazis. In such a world, Eleanor Hatkin came of age, striving for education, for love, for a way out."--BOOK JACKET. 590 Donated by Stan & Janet Glasofer 600 10 Freedman, Eleanor,|d1924-1974. 600 30 Hatkin family. 650 0 Jews|zNew York (State)|zNew York|vBiography. 650 0 Cancer|xPatients|zNew Jersey|zHighland Park|vBiography. 651 0 Bronx (New York, N.Y.)|vBiography. 651 0 Highland Park (N.J.)|vBiography. 655 7 Biographies.|2fast|0(OCoLC)fst01919896 776 08 |iOnline version:|aFreedman, Samuel G.|tWho she was.|dNew York : Simon & Schuster, ©2005|w(OCoLC)989089588 991 dks 994 C0|bVCN
 General Collection F128.9.J5 F74 2005  AVAILABLE

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