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Technical documentation lives here
Read the Docs simplifies software documentation by automating building, versioning, and hosting of your docs for you.
Free docs hosting for open source
We will host your documentation for free, forever. There are no tricks. We help over 100,000 open source projects share their docs, including a custom domain and theme.
Always up to date
Whenever you push code to your favorite version control service, whether that is GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab, we will automatically build your docs so your code and documentation are never out of sync.
Downloadable formats
We build and host your docs for the web, but they are also viewable as PDFs, as single page HTML, and for eReaders. No additional configuration is required.
Multiple versions
We can host and build multiple versions of your docs so having a 1.0 version of your docs and a 2.0 version of your docs is as easy as having a separate branch or tag in your version control system.
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About Read the Docs
Read the Docs has grown substantially since its beginning as a weekend project and is closing in on being a top-1000 site on the internet. Today, we:
Serve over 55 million pages of documentation a month
Serve over 40 TB of documentation a month
Host over 80,000 open source projects and support over 100,000 users
Are supported by a very small team of dedicated engineers
Read the Docs is funded by the community
We fund our operations through advertising​, corporate-hosted documentation with Read the Docs for Business​, donations​, and we are supported by a number of generous sponsors​.
Read the Docs is open source and community supported. It depends on users like you to contribute to development, support, and operations. You can learn more about how to contribute in our docs. Thanks so much to our wonderful team who helps us run the site. Read the Docs wouldn't be possible without them.
Hosting for the project is graciously provided by AWS and Cloudflare​.
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