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Vertaa.fi is a leading independent product and price comparison website.

As first comparison site in Finland, Vertaa.fi has been helping consumers in making their product and shop choices for more than 16 years already. Vertaa.fi wants to help consumers find their best deal in the broadest sense of the word. The organisation plays an active role in the triangle between consumers, retailers and manufacturers. Vertaa.fi is part of Compare Group with offices in Helsinki, Finland and Utrecht, The Netherlands. Next to Vertaa.fi, Compare Group also exploits Vergelijk.nl, Vergelijk.be and Comparer.be. Its 30 employees are pioneering in the world of comparison and innovate successfully with very powerful e-commerce solutions. Every month millions of consumers are assisted in making their purchase decision.
Million consumers per month
Customer satisfaction
Purchase advice
Vertaa.fi provides consumers an independent purchase advice. We do this through making the market more transparent by comparing products, stores, prices and stocks.
Knowledge sharing
All the knowledge Vertaa.fi collects about products, shops, prices, conditions and experiences of others are shared with consumers. For free.
Find the best deal
Vertaa.fi doesn’t only want to assist customers in making their purchase decision, but also support them in getting the best deal.
What characterizes us
Vertaa.fi is a young and dynamic company. That’s what other companies say as well, but with us every day is really different. The market in which we operate is evolving rapidly. We are not afraid to take on new developments. With new business models we even often operate at the forefront. That is super exciting because you walk roads that have not been walked before, even if that means that we fail sometimes. We have had our fair share of failures as well of course. But most of all it is great fun to innovate and every day learn new things about your colleagues, customers and users.
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Our history
Vertaa.fi was founded in 2000 and was the first comparison site in Finland. Three friends discovered the convenience of the internet and wanted to help consumers compare prices for books, CDs and videotapes for the Dutch. Around the same time a friend of the three, Ben Kerkhof, started the same initiative in Finland, where he was living. In 2003, both companies were merged and so the parent Compare Group originated. Under that flag not only The Netherlands and Finland are managed, but also Belgium. The product range is now quite extensive and long no longer consists only books and CDs. Nowadays, products, prices and stores compared in more than 2,500 product groups for the Finnish market. So for almost every purchase of consumer goods the consumer is assisted by the services of Vertaa.fi.
Vertaa.fi internationally
Vertaa.fi is part of Compare Group. From offices in Helsinki and Zwolle (The Netherlands) consumers are supported in Dutch, Belgian and Finnish market.
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