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On ReliefWeb's humanitarian community message space
ReliefWeb is the key source of information for the humanitarian community. For organizations wishing to promote humanitarian initiatives to the wider community, ReliefWeb offers a humanitarian community messaging space on our homepage.
This space is open to humanitarian organizations worldwide, free of charge, without any fees.
Check out the current humanitarian message being promoted on the homepage.
Our homepage is one of the most visited pages on ReliefWeb. Approximately 25% of all site users visit the homepage.
This space is available for humanitarian organizations to promote the following types of humanitarian messaging:
ReliefWeb reserves the right to refuse, select or edit any messaging published in this space, in accordance with its mandate and editorial policy.
If you are unsure whether your humanitarian messaging is suitable, please contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.
If you are interested in placing a humanitarian community message on the ReliefWeb homepage please contact us at
ReliefWeb will then review your proposed messaging to ensure it is relevant to humanitarians and fits within our editorial guidelines. We will also confirm with you your proposed dates and the graphic requirements.
Please note we cannot guarantee the exact scheduling for the placement of your messaging as this space is shared with other humanitarian organizations and subject to ReliefWeb and OCHA corporate priorities.
We advise that you contact us before developing your image so that we can ensure your campaign is relevant to the humanitarian audience and the times you request are available.
Once we have accepted your proposed humanitarian messaging you will need to provide us with an image that is 1200px wide by up to 400px high, 72dpi, in JPG or PNG format and saved for web and devices.
Please also provide:
Design is a key element to ensuring an effective messaging campaign. Unfortunately ReliefWeb is unable to create, design or assist the development of your messaging image.
We recommend you enlist the services of a professional graphic designer.
Tips on design:
Below are some examples of effective messaging:
If you are interested in placing a humanitarian community message on the ReliefWeb homepage please contact us at
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