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Tal August (University of Washington): Addressing barriers in medical literature for lay people
Avi Caciularu (Bar-Ilan University): Token-level Contrastive Learning for Multi-hop Question Answering
Sanjana Chintalapati (University of Washington): Increasing scientific figure accessibility with alt-text
Mike D'Arcy (Northwestern University): Joint Inference for Scientific Knowledge Graph Representation
Raymond Fok (University of Washington): Semantic Skimmer
Varun Gangal (Carnegie Mellon University): Interpretable text generation with operations
Zhipeng Hou (Northwestern University): Retrieve to achieve (better embeddings)
Hyeonsu Kang (Carnegie Mellon University): Synthetic Social Recommendations for Improving Access and Mitigating Bias in Scientific Discovery
Sheshera Myshore (University of Massachusetts Amherst): Explanation Informed Fine-grained Scientific Document Similarity
Aakanksha Naik (Carnegie Mellon University): Improving Clinical Outcome Prediction Using Evidence from Medical Literature
Napol Rachatasumrit (Carnegie Mellon University): Bootstrapping Reader Highlights
Shaurya Rohatgi (Penn State University): Modeling and Inferring Academic Mentorship on Semantic Scholar
Chantal Shaib (Northeastern University): BioWordPiece: Teaching WordPiece about morphology
Dustin Wright (University of Copenhagen): Decomposing Scientific Claims to Verifiable Units
Wen Xiao (University of British Columbia): Multi-document Summarization for Scientific Papers
Arie Cattan (Bar-Ilan University): Scientific Concept Induction
Jay DeYoung (Northeastern University): Summarizing Evidence across Studies: Automating Systematic Review Generation
Raymond Fok (University of Washington): Recovery for AI-Infused UIs
Harmanpreet Kaur (University of Michigan): FeedLens: Trainable Research Feeds for Rapid Navigation of Paper List Objects
Rafal Kocielnik (University of Washington): Motivating Scientific Reading Habits with Interventions Based on Text Mining and Behavioral Psychology
Anne Lauscher (University of Mannheim): Citation Context Analysis Revisited
Sean MacAvaney (Georgetown University): Analyzing Behavior of Neural IR Models
Jason Portenoy (University of Washington): SciSight++: Visually exploring the network of CS authors, methods and tasks extracted from 10M papers
Marissa Radensky (University of Washington): Exploring the Role of Local and Global Explanations in Recommender Systems
Shivashankar Subramanian (University of Melbourne): An In-Depth Analysis of Author Disambiguation
Mohit Yadav (University of Massachusetts Amherst): End-to-End Document-Level IE
Jim Chen (University of Washington): Building Better Topic Pages for All
Mike D'Arcy (Northwestern University): RefBERT: Representing References in Scientific Documents
Andrew Head (University of California Berkeley): Augmenting the Reading Experience for Scientific Papers from arXiv
Sarthak Jain (Northeastern University): Structured Results Extraction
Ben Lee (University of Washington): Explanation-Based Tuning of Opaque Machine Learners with Application to Paper Recommendation
Susan (Xueqing) Liu (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign): A Quantitative Study on Citation Preferences in Scientific Literature
Pouya Pezeshkpour (University of California Irvine): Question Generation and Targeting for Assisted Flashcard Study of Scientific Papers
David Wadden (University of Washington): SciFact: A Dataset for Verification of Scientific Claims
Christine Betts (University of Washington): GrapAL: Connecting the Dots in Scientific Literature
Muthu Chandrasekaran (National University of Singapore): Aggregation of Tabular Empirical Results from Scientific Documents
Xuezhe Ma (Carnegie Mellon University): Sci-Defi: Identifying Scientific Concept Definitions in Scholarly Documents
Amandalynne Paullada (University of Washington): Improving Clinical Trial Information Extraction with Weak Supervision
Titipat Achakulvisut (University of Pennsylvania): Claim Extraction in Biomedical Publications Using Deep Discourse Model and Transfer Learning
Ahmed Elgohary (University of Maryland): Relation Extraction from Scientific Documents
Lucy Lu Wang (University of Washington): Ontology Alignment in the Biomedical Domain Using Entity Definitions and Context
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