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Success Stories
The Rewards for Justice program has paid more than $150 million to over 100 people who provided information that prevented international terrorist attacks or helped bring to justice those involved in prior acts.
Brave individuals willing to step forth with information have also assisted in preventing and resolving terrorist attacks:
RFJ made a multimillion dollar payment in 2019 that brought to justice an ISIS key leader in the Middle East.
During the Persian Gulf War, a brave informant in an East Asian country came forward with alarming information about a series of planned terrorist attacks. The terrorists had already surveyed their intended targets and had assembled automatic weapons, grenades, and explosives. Just 48 hours before the first of these planned attacks, this informant provided information that was essential in thwarting the terrorists’ plan. The attack was stopped, the young man received a significant reward, and his family was relocated to a safe place. By providing this information, the individual saved hundreds of lives.
In another case, a young woman came forward with information regarding individuals who hijacked an airliner and brutally beat the passengers on board. She stated that she “felt strongly about justice being done.” The leader of the hijackers was returned to the U.S. and is imprisoned on air piracy charges. The young woman received a reward for her efforts to fight terrorism.
Another young woman, a student at a foreign university, witnessed the brutal assassination of a U.S. diplomat. As a result of the information she provided, two attackers were sentenced to life imprisonment. The student and her family were relocated to a safe place and received a significant reward.
As a result of information provided, the following individuals, among many others, have been brought to justice:
Abu Solaiman
Khadaffy Janjalani
Toting Craft Hanno
Hamsiraji Marusi Sali
Edgar Navarro
Uday Hussein
Qusay Hussein
Mir Aimal Kansi
Ramzi Ahmed Yousef

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