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Advisory: Update - Spread awareness of recent phishing scams
Alert: Beware of Duo Authentication phishing emails
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DUO Authentication
PayPal Invoice Scam (subjects may vary)
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The NSA Is Funding Summer Camps to Teach Kids to Be Cyber Pros
6/24/2022 – Bloomberg
Hackers steal $100 million from California cryptocurrency firm
6/24/2022 – CNN
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Video: Protecting U-M from Cyberthreats
We live in a world of seemingly pervasive cyberthreats. From data breaches to ransomware disrupting business operations, to cyberattacks being a part of military operations, there are cyber incidents that make the news on an almost daily basis.  The Securing the University of Michigan video explores the cyberthreats we face and the actions the university takes to protect…
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Tips for traveling safely with technology
Spring is here, the sun is shining, and many of us are going on a long-awaited trip for vacation. Whether you are heading on a long vacation or a quick professional trip, you will likely take along some combination of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other mobile devices. Follow these tips to safeguard both your own and the…
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Help Defeat Complex Email Scams
Complex scams are very real and playing out at academic institutions across the country, including U-M. There are key aspects to all of these scams that you should understand in order to protect yourselves and your data from malicious actors.
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