GNU Help Wanted - People at Savannah: Project Help Wanted
Here is a list of positions available for this project.
TitleCategoryDate OpenedProjectType
enhancements wanted for findutilsDeveloper2010-01-08GNU Help portions
Improve Free docs for MySQLDoc Writer2006-10-21GNU Help portions
High Priority ProjectsDeveloper2006-03-31GNU Help portions
Various language references wantedDoc Writer2003-07-29GNU Help portions
A manual for writing Hurd servers.Doc Writer2003-07-29GNU Help portions
Scientific programs neededDeveloper2003-06-25GNU Help portions
Scheme translations wantedDeveloper2003-03-28GNU Help portions
Dance notation program wantedDeveloper2003-03-28GNU Help portions
GNU make improvements wantedDeveloper2003-03-19GNU Help portions
Shared memory Mach/X11 server wantedDeveloper2003-03-16GNU Help portions

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