Publish your work your way!
Duke Libraries can help you…
At every step in the research process, Duke University Libraries can help you share your scholarship widely, reach and engage your intended audiences, meet your funding requirements, track use, be rewarded for your work, and sustain your scholarly contributions over time — all without publication delays, access restrictions, copyright transfers, or fees. The Libraries can help you publish and maintain your work and do it your way.
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Share your work with the world
Duke Libraries can help you…
Sharing your research no longer means just publishing a journal article or a monograph—there are many ways to make your work available! The Libraries can help you create, publish, and fund and sustain your digital research project or publication.
Increase your reach and impact
Duke Libraries can help you…
  • Get a DOI for your research so others can cite it
  • Connect broad and diverse audiences with your work
  • Improve audience engagement and impact
  • Build an online identity
  • Track how others are using your research
It is increasingly important to your career to solidify an online identity for yourself and your work. The Libraries can help you build and elevate your digital profile and help you track and analyze how others use your research.
Protect your work’s future
Duke Libraries can help you…
Digital research materials can be vulnerable over time due to loss and technological obsolescence, and commercial storage and publication service providers can change business models and may have different goals than you. The Libraries can help ensure that your work lasts so that others can find and build on it well into the future.
Publish your data
Duke Libraries can help you…
Have you been asked by a funding agency or journal to make your research data available as a condition of your grant or publication? Don’t know where to start? No matter where you are in your project’s timeline, the Libraries can help you think through the nuances of data sharing.
Make it easier for others to find and use your research
Duke Libraries can help you…
  • Make your work open access
  • Optimize your work for search engines
  • Get indexed by relevant databases
  • Make your research accessible to all audiences
  • Create permanent links for you and your work
You spend thousands of hours over the course of your career in pursuit of your research—don’t let your work get lost in the activity of your field! The Libraries can help you ensure that researchers will always be able to find it.
Make your publications and data open access
Duke Libraries can help you…
  • Deposit in an open access repository
  • Apply an appropriate license to your research
  • Retain copyright to your publications
  • Regain copyright to previously published work
  • Fulfill funder and university policies regarding open research
Across disciplines, free and unfettered access to academic research is critical to a healthy and open society. The Libraries can help you make your work open, transparent, and reproducible by helping you to curate and publish your underlying data and providing the infrastructure for open access versions of your research.
Share your work with the world
Did you know that Duke has an open access policy? We can help you make sure your work is available to anyone who might want to read it, via your Scholars@Duke profile.
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Increase your reach and impact
We can help you find the right venue to publish your work, how to reach a broad and diverse audience, and show you how you can track who is referencing your work and what they are saying.
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Have a question about copyright?
Contact Duke’s Office of Copyright and Scholarly Communications for individual consultations or to arrange workshops on issues related to copyright and fair use.
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