Scholastic Book Clubs: All Digital Flyers for 4th Grade December 2020 : Page 1
4 th Grad ers BOOK PICK When You Order Online! Use Code READS With a $25+ Order Please order online or return your flyer by: Click to Browse This Month's 4th Grade Digital Flyers Grades 4–6 FREE With a $25+ Order Use Code READS FREE NEW! DUE DATE December 2020 Families Can Choose Ship to Home at Checkout FREE Shipping on orders $25+ ($6.50 if under $25). NEW! BOOK PICK When You Order Online! Please order online or return your flyer by: DUE DATE Dece ber Decem be 2020 Families Can Choose Ship to Home at Checkout FREE Shipping on orders $25+ ($6.50 if under $25). NEW! The Ickabog by J.K. Rowling 304 pages Full-Color Hardcover An AN ORIGIN AL FAIRY TALE FROM THE CREAT OR OF HARRY POTTE R! ITEM # 41A4 LEX: 770L GRL: W DRA: 60 AR: 5.0 Best friends Bert and Daisy embark on a great adventure to discover the truth about a legendar y monster that threatens the happiness of their kingdom. Epic class Trip! $ NEW! Get Me Out of Here! by Andy McNab and Phil Earle 256 pages Paperback 4TH GR ADE L ASSIC VALUE! NEWBERY CALDECOTT AUTHOR ARTIST 2 ITEM # 73A4 $ 3 Old Wolf by Avi illus. by Brian Floca 160 pages Paperback Who shakes when he laughs like a full of jelly? (NOUN) 48 pages 5 ¼" x 7 5/8" Activity Book boy? Will a proud—but hungry—wolf accept help from a teenage ITEM # 63Y4 Stocking Stuffer Mad Libs ® Fill-in-the-blank holiday fun! ITEM # 79Y4 $3 $5 INSIDE PAGE NEWBERY AUTHOR LEX: 630L GRL: T DRA: 40–50 AR: 4.4 Baby-Sitters Club NEW! Weather: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Floods, Ice Storms…How Our Weathe r Really Works From wild tornadoes to blinding blizzards, this stunning visual guide shows you what makes our climate work! 208 pages 10" x 10" Full-Color Paperback $20 Winnie finds a magic spring that enables people to live forever. But is that really what she wants? by Natalie Babbitt 144 pages Paperback Tuck Everlasting to the Rescue! This class trip has it $2 NEW EDITION ! All Grades Welcome Back to Schoo l 2020 des 6 ¡ EN NUEVO! ESPA ÑOL Maximiliano págs. Novela vecino guiad cruzará a un país de su abuel o por las histor ias encontrar o y el deseo de a su madre . ITEM # 33R1 $6 por Pam Muñoz EN ESPAÑOL Back to Scho ol 2020 Y BILNGÜE a escue l a co n rr! Cuanto más lean los niño más aprende s, rán, dentro o fuer ya sea a escuela. En de la este catálogo encuentren , que los niño libros para s lean en casa . Perrazo y Perrito / Big Dog and Little Dog Celebrating DIVERSI TY Summer is over and this little finds school spirit everywh girl ere she goes…from the school bus to the classroom! ITEM # 42V1 by Connie Schofield-Morrison illus. by Frank Morrison 32 pages Picture Book by Margot Lee Shetterly with Winifred Conkling illus. by Laura Freeman 40 pages Picture Book Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race $ ¡GUAU! 2 Perrazo y Perrito mejores amigo son s que se pasan haciendo payasadas. ITEM # 62R1 por Dav Pilkey Libro bilingü 24 págs. e Mañanaland Ryan 288 Caldecott Artist $2 NEW! I Got the School Spirit People keep asking where this young girl is from. Luckily, her abuelo has the perfect answer! ITEM # 86V1 by Yamile Saied Méndez and Jaime Kim 40 pages Picture Book Where Are You From? NEW in Paperback! $ 2 These women were geniuses— they used math to put a man on the moon, and their story was made into a movie! ITEM # 38V1 $2 ¡NUEVO! BILINGÜE $5 ¡Nuestro querido Hombre Mosca ha crecido 15 metros! ¿Podrá salvarl Buzz antes o de por Tedd Arnold 32 págs. Libro El ataque Hombre del Mosc de 15 metro a s ¿Qué puede Libro bilingü e Todd Parr pasar cuando vuelva te ayuda a verlo todo s a la escuela? a todo color. ITEM # 30R1 $5 El libro de la escuela The School / Book 240 pages Hidden Figures: Young ITEM # 39V1 Also Available: Readers’ Edition $5 $6 The Parker Inheritance Más por Todd Parr en la página 4 Baby Shark 24 págs. Libro bilingüe ¿Qué mejor que A la cama , Bedtime Bebé Tiburón / for ¡NUEVO! BILINGÜE Sequel to Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus irse a dorm ir al ritmo Stay Positive! by Varian Johnson All Grades Celebrating Black Literature, History & Life! 2020 NEWBERY MEDAL WINNER! Submit your order by: All Grades $ Fall 2020 2 by Asia Citro illus. by Marion Lindsay 96 pages Chapter Book Zoey and Sassafras: Dragons and Marshmallows Choose Books You'll Love to Read CORETTA SCOTT KING AUTHOR AWARD Injured magical animals come to Zoey’s backyard barn for help! Can she figure out what’s wrong? ITEM # 84V2 H liday Ho y Gift Books Please order online or return your flyer by: BOOK PICK When You Order clubs Use Code READS With a $25+ Order FREE DUE DATE Holiday Season 2020 NEW! Online! $2 NEWBERY MEDAL LEX: 580L GRL: O DRA: 34–38 AR: 3.8 Jordan must find his way few kids of color at a very as one of the white private school. ITEM # 46V2 by Jerry Craft 256 pages 6" x 9" Graphic Novel New Kid by Varian Johnson 240 pages Novel The Great Greene Heist each 2 Paperbacks Greg Heffley’s best friend, Rowley, has a journal of his own! by Jeff Kinney 224 pages NEW! Awesome 2 BOOKS AWESOME SAVINGS! Friendly Kid Pack CALDECOTT ARTIST $10 Jackson assembles a crack team of geniuses to keep a school bully on the right track. ITEM # 893 $12 BY THE AUTHOR OF DOG MAN! © 2020, Wimpy Kid Inc. and ROWLEY JEFFERSO DIARY OF AN AWESOME FRIENDLY KID™ N’S JOURNAL™ and book jackets are trademar the design of the ks and trade dress All rights reserved. of Wimpy Kid, Inc. Can Dragon spread his holiday cheer and discover the true meaning of Christ mas? ITEM # 3793 $4 LEX: 410L GRL: J DRA: 16–18 AR: 3.2 by Dav Pilkey 64 pages Reader Dragon’s Merry Christmas HO-HO-HO -HO-HOLIDAY VALUES! $ ONLY 3 LEX: AD620L GRL: M $ 3 It’s nighttime, and snow is falling hard. Will the town be snowed in? Will tomorrow be a snow day? by Natasha Wing illus. by Amy Wumme r 32 pages Picture Book The Night Befor e the Snow Day

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