SciSight is a tool for exploring the evolving network of science in theCOVID-19 Open Research Dataset, from Semantic Scholar at the Allen Institute for AI.
Our goal is to help accelerate scientific research, with tools to visualize the emerging literature network around COVID-19. Use our exploratory search tools to find out what groups are working on what directions, see how biomedical concepts interact and evolve over time, and discover new connections.
Network of science
Faceted paper search
Co-mentions of proteins/genes/cells
Co-mentions of diseases/chemicals
To read about more about SciSight and cite this work, please see our EMNLP paper.
For research inquiries, please contactTom Hope. The co-authorship visualization is joint work with Jason Portenoy, Kishore Vasan and Jevin West from UW iSchool's DataLab. To extract information from papers, we usedSciBERT, enhanced by training on a larger corpus of papers and fine-tuned on several biomedical entity recognition tasks. We also make use of data from the Microsoft Academic Graph and ICO topics from Dr. Evidence.
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