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The UW-Digitized Collections contain rare and unique photos, books, maps, recordings, archival documents, and more from across the UW, Wisconsin, and the world. Learn more about UWDCC.
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Walworth County Plat Map (1857)
The Walworth County Plat Map of 1857 is the oldest and one of the most frequently used map in the University of Wisconsin–Whitewater Archives collection. The 1857 Walworth County Plat map is frequently consulted by students, local historians and ge…
The Geology and Natural Resources of Wisconsin
Geology and Natural Resources of Wisconsin consists of nine foundation volumes that provide detailed documentation of mid- to late-19th century Wisconsin geological and natural history. Contents include government reports and land surveys of Wiscon…
The Dominy Craftsmen Collection
Three generations of the Dominy family of East Hampton, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York functioned as craftsmen from ca. 1760 to ca. 1850. Nathaniel Dominy IV (1737-1812) was a woodworker and metalworker producing tall case clocks, furniture,…
Sahiyar's Grassroots Feminist Political Posters in India
Welcome to Sahiyar and the University of Wisconsin's digital archive of grassroots feminist posters from India. India has been home to a vibrant women's movement (or rather women's movements) with a global influence. Historically, grassroots women'…
The Gender and Women's Studies Collection
The Gender and Women's Studies Collection brings together, in digital form, primary and secondary materials relating to the the exploration of politics, history, and society from a transnational and multicultural women's perspective. Although this …
Marathon County Local History
The Marathon County Public Library provides historical information and resources concerning the history of Marathon County. Marathon County, which was officially organized in 1850, is the largest county in Wisconsin. This digital collection focuses…
The History of Women at the University of Wisconsin
The History of Women at the University of Wisconsin augments the general histories of the University by focusing on the roles and activities of women students, faculty, and staff and on the development of women's studies throughout the System. The …
Liberato Picar Philippines Military Academy Album
This collection contains sixty–one photographs from two albums compiled by Captain Liberato Picar, an alumnus of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and a retired Philippine Navy officer. These photographs illustrate cadet life during his four ye…
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