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Billing Questions 5
How do I cancel my Slate Plus membership?
How much does Slate Plus cost?
How do I stop my membership from auto-renewing?
How do I edit my credit card information?
I got an email saying you were unable to process my payment.
Getting Started 6
What is Slate Plus?
Where can I find my Slate Plus benefits?
How do I sign in to Slate Plus?
I can’t remember my password OR my password isn’t working.
I don’t live in the US. Can I sign up for Plus?
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Account Questions 3
I’m having problems signing in.
Where do I go to manage my Slate Plus account?
I’m signed in, but I’m not being recognized as a member.
Audiobooks from Slate 2
How do I purchase an audiobook from Slate?
How do I listen to my audiobook?
Podcast benefits 12
How do I access the ad-free podcasts and bonus podcast content?
Apple Podcasts and iTunes
Google Podcasts
Stitcher for iOS
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Using Slate Plus in Slate's iOS app 5
I’m having trouble accessing Slate Plus content in the app.
Listening to members-only podcasts in the Slate iOS app from the App Store
Accessing Slate Plus content outside the iOS app
Billing if you purchased Slate Plus through the iOS app
What about the Android app?
More Help 1
My question isn't answered here.
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