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Public School Districts
Centralized Platform for District Librarians to Collaborate With Schools, Teachers, and Students and Promote Information Literacy.
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Compile Librarian-curated Resources for Each School.
Support the Curriculum and Help Teachers with Lesson Plans.
Provide Tangible Evidence of the Library's Value.
Promote Information Literacy Among All Grade Levels.
Assess Student Learning & Gather Feedback.
Prepare Students for College-level Research.
Centralized Control With Flexible Content Creation
LibGuides CMS helps library district coordinators and IT groups to provide a standardized platform for all schools yet enable look & feel and content customization based on schools' unique needs. Maintain central A-Z databases, and build common assets that everyone can share & reuse.
Customizable Groups
Create Guide Groups for each school in your district. Each Group has a fully customizable look & feel and user permissions, giving each library its own web presence within the district-level platform.
Share & Reuse Content & Resources
District coordinators and web-savvy librarians and teachers can create content that others in the district can share and reuse with a click of a button. Publishing controls and reports ensure the reuse is fair and that content creators get the credit they deserve.
LibAnswers for District-Wide Knowledge Base and Library Assistance
Save time by providing information on most commonly asked questions, from students and teachers.
Parents, Students, and Teachers can search your FAQs, email you questions, chat with you on LibChat, and more!
Organize after-school homework help on a district level with LibChat for live chat and helpdesk ticketing functionality for fast and accurate answers.
Create a district-level online knowledge base for staff and teachers, accessible 24/7 even when the library is closed.
Elevate The Library's Web Presence In The District
Besides using LibGuides CMS to create content-rich district and school library websites, use the blogging functionality to publish and distribute library news, new database additions and the like.
When individual school library websites are coordinated with the district-level site and feature useful information and content-rich media, this raises the profile of the library within the district, and administrators take notice!
Use widgets to distribute relevant guides and content, and if the district uses LTI-compliant courseware use LTI to embed library resources directly into course pages.
Reduce the need for IT resources by enabling librarians - and teachers - to modify online content themselves via LibGuides' easy-to-use content curation and editing tools. Sharing and content reuse further decreases the complexity and increases use.
Collaborate & Communicate on a District Level
Build Valuable Content…Together. Give teachers special access so that you can build LibGuides together to create content tailored to their classes and to educational standards for their grade.
Schedule Library Instruction. Use the LibCal appointment scheduler to schedule in-class information literacy instruction with teachers. LibCal statistics show the value of the librarian and the frequency of in-class teaching sessions.
Embed More Than Just LibGuides, Embed the Library. Work with other librarians and teachers to design LibWizard interactive tutorials with built-in quizzing and assessment. Natively embed library resources inside Courseware (Schoology, Moodle, Desire2Learn, Blackboard, etc.) with our LTI tool.
Create an easy-to-use staff intranet with LibGuides CMS and secure access to authorized staff. Manage documents, lesson plans, library projects... all within one secure platform.
LibGuides is one of the most flexible platforms I use. Not only can it do almost anything, the interface is so intuitive that anyone can skillfully use it. I've taught many folks at my school how to use LibGuides for their course-pages, project descriptions, photo galleries, and more! Plus working with the folks at Springshare is always a pleasure!
Trevor Calvert, Library Director
Marin Academy
Promote Information Literacy & Build Research Skills
Student learning can take place anywhere. Build self-grading, timed quizzes with LibWizard and assess learning with real-time feedback. Quizzes can include helpful ‘if wrong’ messages to gently guide students toward the correct answers.
Digital natives employ a variety of learning styles. Easily create self-paced tutorials with interactive content in LibWizard. Integrate live media, interactive webpages, and embedded LibGuides to meet their educational needs.
Use LibWizard to create interactive Forms and build feedback Surveys and gather invaluable data on library satisfaction, instruction session feedback, and more. Distribute forms and surveys via widgets or email.
Collaborate With Local Libraries, and Other Districts
Local public libraries can provide resource support for the school libraries within the district. With LibGuides CMS, you can collaboratively build content and share & reuse relevant guides as easy as 1,2,3, if the library is using LibGuides, too.
The community features of LibGuides enable collaboration beyond district lines. The Springshare Lounge and SpringyCamp virtual user conferences bring the wealth of expertise and best practices within your reach.
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Provide Help…Even When You’re Not There
Students need help, even when you’re not open. Increase visibility, and usage, of library resources. Create searchable LibAnswers FAQs for students, teachers, parents, and district staff so they can get answers to their questions - 24/7 on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Embed FAQs right inside LibGuides, the library website, and even inside their courseware tool. They'll have easy access to your knowledge literally at their fingertips – right when they need it the most.
Instruction sessions can be overwhelming. Students can easily forget the invaluable resources you showed them when they go home to do their work. Class-specific LibGuides store all the resources they need for that class or assignment in one place. So even if they forget what you showed them, they'll remember to look at the LibGuide.
Demonstrate The Value Of Your Libraries To The District
With detailed usage statistics, show administrators all the great stuff you’re doing to help students and teachers district-wide. The statistics within Springshare tools deliver everything you need to impress your stakeholders and demonstrate the value of your libraries.
LibGuides stats demonstrate how your content is being used.
A-Z Databases stats in LibGuides show which databases are the most popular.
LibAnswers FAQ, email, and social media statistics provide the most complete reference metrics available.
LibCal's appointment statistics and room/equipment bookings show the value of the librarians and the libraries' spaces and equipment.
Use LibInsight interactive dashboards to create a visual story of your libraries' statistics.
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LibGuides / CMS
Curate and showcase library resources. Create guides, build websites, A-Z lists, or a staff intranet. Embed library resources anywhere. And that's just a start!
LibAnswers +Social
Communication and Social Media for Libraries. LibChat, Email ticketing, SMS, Twitter, etc. Build a knowledge base & FAQs. Detailed reference stats.
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Manage Library Hours, Online Event Signups, Room & Equipment Bookings, Research Consultations, etc. Integrations with Calendars, Outlook, gCal, iCal...
More >>
An affordable tool to gather & analyze all library statistics. SUSHI harvesting, COUNTER statistics, Cross-dataset analytics, custom dashboard builders...
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CRM platform tailored for the needs of libraries. Your users are your most important asset. Build and cultivate strong relationships with your community.
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Move away from paper and spreadsheets. Manage staff schedules, service point staffing, student-worker, and volunteer hours. Powerful reporting to boot.
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Create web forms, conduct surveys & solicit feedback. Build interactive tutorials and test users' research skills with quizzes & assessments modules.
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A cost-effective solution for E-reserves, Reading Lists and Document Management. Integrates with LibGuides, and with courseware via LTI module.
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Create a #librarianfirst, service-oriented platform customized for the needs of your library.
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