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LibAnswers +Social.
It's not just Reference Service; It's Customer Service!
A Multi-Channel Communication Platform for Successful Libraries. Answer Users' Questions via LibChat, SMS, Email, Twitter, Facebook... and Provide a Self-service FAQ Portal, too.
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With the QuestionPoint acquisition, we now offer a backup chat staffing option for LibAnswers.
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Ensure your users get the answers they need, whenever and wherever. Embed LibChat and "Ask Us" widgets into any webpage, manage all social media communication, and take control of your institutional knowledge with a powerful ticketing system and FAQ builder. LibAnswers does it all, with detailed statistics to boot!
Social Media Management & Engagement
Social media has changed how customer conversations happen. Your users are tweeting you questions and posting on Facebook and Pinterest. Use LibAnswers to engage with users on social media and create fans & library advocates.
Unified Social Stream
Schedule Social Posts
Statistics & Engagement
Integrated Communication
Activity from Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest in one place enables you to efficiently monitor and engage all social channels at once.
It's as easy as answering a ticket or a question in LibAnswers - all point-and-click operations.
Apply Filters across any social channels to stay on top of all active conversations. Flag posts for followups and deletions. LibAnswers has everything you need for effective monitoring of social channels.
LibChat for Real-Time Conversations
Used by thousands of libraries worldwide - either individually or in a consortial resource sharing setting - LibChat is the ideal chat reference tool. Comprehensive chat functionality, many embedding options, and integrated reference and helpdesk workflows make LibChat an easy choice.
LibChat Widgets
Proactive Chat
Seamless Flow
Transcripts & Ratings
Fully Customizable and Embeddable Widgets
Customize the look and feel of the widgets and embed different widgets on any webpage or inside any web app. Embed them inside Springshare apps with one click!
  In-Page, Pop-out, Slide-button, Bottom Slide-up etc.
  Customizable Skins for Each Widget.
  Optional Initial Question Customization.
  Anonymous or Name Required Option.
Helpdesk Platform with FAQ Builder
The LibAnswers platform provides libraries with complete email ticketing functionality, fully integrated with the rest of the communication channels. Answer emailed tickets from one central dashboard, collaborate with colleagues on ticket answers, use different queues for various library departments, build and maintain a knowledge base and FAQs... it's all here.
Universal Inbox
Powerful Ticketing
FAQ Builder
Universal Team Inbox
Assign any number of email addresses to LibAnswers, and all questions will flow to the main Dashboard for all to see.
Embed "Ask Us" Widgets on any webpage and customize question fields. All submissions are queued in the LibAnswers dashboard, too.
Collaborate on Answers without stepping on each other's toes. Leave Internal Notes for other librarians, and see who else is looking at the same question.
A Library Market First: Facebook Messenger Integration
Facebook Messenger is the most popular social messaging and communication platform. With LibAnswers, you can establish a direct presence on Facebook Messenger and answer your users' questions directly from there.
Once the user has their library available on FB Messenger, it becomes really easy - and effective - to create personal connections with the user and help them with any research or library-related questions. Patrons use Messenger to communicate, and this places the library in this important communications channel.
Facebook is currently the most important social & communication network in the world. LibAnswers helps you establish a solid presence on both Facebook and Messenger app so that you can effectively and efficiently communicate with your users.
Search Query Analyzer for Improved FAQ Accuracy
Improve the quality and accuracy of your FAQ Knowledge Base with LibAnswers' Query Spy search analysis tool. Query Spy analyzes all search queries in the system and reports whether the search resulted in a successful "hit", i.e. whether the user landed on an FAQ entry which answered their question.
Review the search queries on your site and even create new FAQ entries directly from Query Spy with just a few clicks. Query Spy is a unique and incredibly useful tool for fine-tuning your Knowledge Base and ensuring accurate matches to patrons' Frequently-Asked Questions.
Systems & Services Management
The Systems & Services Management module of LibAnswers helps you manage status updates and convey important information about your library systems such as your online catalog, discovery service, subscription databases, library website... and any other system or service at your library.

Create product-specific help widgets for all your systems and embed them anywhere. If patrons are in your catalog, they get catalog-specific help at point-of-need. One-click live help is available with LibChat integration, or patrons can submit tickets into your LibAnswers queues.

Solicit patron feedback on the library products they use and open up the conversation by enabling users to submit product enhancement ideas. Manage all feedback and ideas seamlessly, on the back end.

Create a real-time dashboard showing the status of each library system, with additional information available for any problem reports or outages. Embed the status widgets anywhere so users can always be up-to-date on the library's IT infrastructure.
In the past we had virtual reference services scattered through different systems. LibAnswers makes it easy by putting them all one place. Even better, it allows us to collect and analyze data on all our reference services to inform decision-making.
Gabe Gossett
Western Washington University
In-Depth Statistics & Reference Analytics
LibAnswers provides detailed statistics helping you provide tangible data about your library's communications and reference activity. Check out some of the statistical report options in LibAnswers:
Real-Time Activity Reports
View real-time usage on everything in the system. Measure FAQ growth over time, hits on FAQs, total tickets for all your reference channels, LibChat and SMS stats, and even total number of search queries.
Detailed Chat Statistics
See how your chat service is used. Discover busy periods and view the daily, weekly, monthly distributions. Report on user browser/OS info, including mobile analysis.
Reference Analytics Included
Record all reference transactions (online or in person) in LibAnswers and produce detailed reference reports - handy when preparing year-end library use reports.
Integrated READ Scale
With permission from the READ scale creator, Dr. Bella Karr Gerlich, the READ scale is fully integrated into Reference Analytics. Record the READ score for every reference transaction and run READ score statistics.
Social Media Activity Statistics
Demonstrably measure & report on your social media activity in all channels. Run aggregate statistics or drill down to individual channel engagement statistics.
FAQ Access Statistics
View detailed statistics on FAQ pages, including users' comments and votes. QuerySpy reports expose gaps in your content and help identify areas where new FAQs can be created or adjusted.
Combine With Other Springshare Tools For The Ultimate User Experience
Tight integration with other Springshare tools creates a winning platform, which helps libraries meet the needs of the community and ensure that users have an amazing library experience - always.
Promote FAQ content on LibGuides pages.
Embed LibChat widgets inside LibGuides Librarian Profiles and Profile boxes within guides.
View LibAnswers Q/A content on LibGuides search result pages.
Embed LibWizard feedback surveys in your automated follow-up emails.
Access LibCal events info and promote library events in LibChat while chatting with patrons.
Feed LibAnswers interaction details into LibCRM profiles.
Compare LibAnswers statistics with other library services and stats inside LibInsight Cross Dataset Analytics.
LibGuides / CMS
Curate and showcase library resources. Create guides, build websites, A-Z lists, or staff intranet. Embed library resources in courseware. And that's just a start!
LibAnswers +Social
Communication and Social Media for Libraries. Answer questions via Chat, Email, SMS, or Social media. Build a knowledge base & FAQs. Get detailed reference stats.
Manage Library Hours, Online Event Signups, Room & Equipment Bookings, Research Consultations, etc. Integrations with Calendars, Outlook, gCal, iCal...
More >>
An affordable platform to gather, and analyze all library statistics. SUSHI harvesting, COUNTER compliance, cross-dataset analytics, custom dashboard builders... oh my!
CRM platform tailored for needs of libraries. Your users are your most important asset and LibCRM helps build and cultivate relationships with your user community.
Move away from paper and excel sheets. LibStaffer manage staff schedules, service point staffing, student-worker and volunteers hours with powerful reporting capabilities to boot.
Create web forms, conduct online surveys & solicit feedback from users. Build interactive tutorials, and test patrons' research skills with quizzes & online assessments modules.
A cost-effective solution for e-reserves and reading lists. Integrates with LibGuides, and with courseware via our LTI module. Copyright tracking, and user authentication.
Create a #librarianfirst, service-oriented platform customized for the needs of your library.
See How it All Fits Together >>
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