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Accessibility Support
The USA TODAY NETWORK is committed to making its desktop site, mobile website, and mobile applications accessible for all viewers. While we continue to develop and enhance our accessibility features, we encourage you to explore the accessibility options installed on your device. Below is an overview for enabling some of the accessibility options on your desktop device.
Enabling Accessibility Features (Microsoft Windows 10)
Screen Reader Support
Zoom Support
Color Contrast Support
Navigation Support

Enabling Accessibility Features (OS X El Capitan, version 10.11)
Screen Reader Support
Feature: Voiceover reads text to you and can be used to control the computer using only the keyboard
Zoom Support
1) To zoom with keyboard shortcuts, select "Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom."
2) To zoom with your mouse or trackpad, select "Use scroll gesture with modifier keys to zoom."
Visual Support

Contact Us
With questions or feedback on accessibility features on our mobile applications, please contact​.
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