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Holiday Shipping 1
Holiday Shipping Guidelines
Shipping and Delivery FAQ 12
Where is my order?
How long will it take for me to receive my order?
It’s been a while and my order has not arrived. What do I do?
My package says it was delivered but I never received it. What do I do?
What does it mean when my order tracking says “Label Created, not yet in system”?
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Faulty Order FAQ 3
My package is missing item(s). What do I do?
I received an incorrect item. What do I do?
What do I do if I’ve received a damaged or misprinted item?
Order Adjustment / Cancellation FAQ 5
Can I cancel or change my whole order?
Can I change or cancel my backorder or pre-order?
I accidentally ordered two copies of a book. Can I return one?
I entered the wrong address on my order. Can I adjust it?
Can I change which affiliate or bookstore my order is attributed to?
Billing FAQ 9
My billing address for my credit card is an international address. Can I still order books to the US using my international billing address?
What do I do if I was overcharged for my order?
What do I do if I was undercharged for my order?
I was charged for a Bookshop order that I never placed and don’t recognize.
Can you send me a receipt for my order?
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Returns FAQ 1
How do I return an order?
Ebooks, Audiobooks, and Used Books FAQ 3
I have an issue with an ebook order, what do I do?
I have an issue with an audio book order, what do I do?
I have an issue with a used book order, what do I do?
Gift Card FAQ 6
What are Bookshop gift cards?
How can I purchase a Bookshop gift card?
How do I redeem my Bookshop gift card?
How do Bookshop gift cards benefit independent bookstores?
Can Bookshop gift cards be used directly at independent bookstores?
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Tax Exemption FAQ 1
My company / organization is tax exempt. Can I purchase books on Bookshop tax free?
User Account FAQ 3
Why did I get locked out of my account? What can I do?
How do I delete my Bookshop account?
Does have wishlists?
Giveaway Guidelines 1
IBD Giveaway Guidelines
For Affiliates
Becoming a Bookshop Affiliate 9
How do I become an affiliate?
If I’m an affiliate, do I have to disclose that on my website, newsletter or social media posts?
If I'm an affiliate, how are the sales of my books handled?
How do I get paid for the books that sell, how much will you pay me, and when will you pay it?
What kind of reporting will I receive, and how frequently?
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For Bookstore Affiliates 11
Digital Resources for Booksellers
Bookseller Weekly Newsletters
Videos for Booksellers
I own a bookstore, how do I get set up on Bookshop? What are the requirements?
What does being a bookstore affiliate on Bookshop include?
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For Media and Other Non-Bookstore Affiliates 5
Where do I receive my funds through the sales made in my storefront?
Can I link my personal/professional website to my Bookshop storefront?
Are there any requirements to set up a Stripe account?
I’m a self-published author. How do I add my book to Bookshop’s platform?
How to Tag Your Storefront to a Digital Gift Card
For Authors & Publishers
Author and Publisher FAQ 8
How do I advertise or promote a book on Bookshop?
How do authors get paid? How much money does Bookshop keep?
How can I list my book on Bookshop?
I can’t find my book on Bookshop even though it’s available on Ingram.
Bookshop lists a book that supports racist, homophobic, misogynistic, or otherwise harmful ideas. Can you please remove the title?
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General FAQ
What is
Is Bookshop a physical bookstore?
Do you sell audiobooks and / or ebooks?
Do you ship to Canada or internationally?
How does Bookshop work with independent bookstores?
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Bookshop Internal Knowledge Base
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Suggestions - Content Offensive/Inclusivity
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