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Immediately below are links to the KBART files of some of the most commonly downloaded files. You can see all of the title lists on JSTOR below this section.
About JSTOR Title Lists
Per KBART recommended practices (KBART Phase II format), these title lists are provided in the format of tab-delimited .txt files. To view these files in a spreadsheet program like Excel, first download the file to your computer (right-click then Save As), then open the file using Excel by right-clicking the file and selecting the "open with" option.
Note:  Most of these lists are updated automatically around 3 times a day. The date of the latest update is included in the name of the downloaded file. For example, the file, "JSTOR_Global_Arts&SciencesXVCollection_2018-08-17" was last updated on August 17, 2018.
At this time, we do not offer title lists for Primary Sources, which includes Public Library Collection III. If you have any questions about these title lists, please contact discoveryservices@ithaka.org or visit the Discovery & Linking pages.
Note that the All Archive Title List can be downloaded from the Librarian Portal, but does not include the title history. The Librarian Portal also provides librarians with the ability to download their specific holdings. Learn more about how to do this and manage your KBART files in "Content Management: Getting and Using a KBART file from JSTOR."
All JSTOR Title Lists
JSTOR Archive: Complete Title History List
The JSTOR Archive: Complete Title History List will include title histories as well as current titles.
JSTOR Archive: All Title List
The JSTOR Archive: All Title List can be downloaded from the Librarian Portal. This file does not include title history.
JSTOR Archive Collections:
Arts & Sciences I
Arts & Sciences II
Arts & Sciences III
Arts & Sciences IV
Arts & Sciences V
Arts & Sciences VI
Arts & Sciences VII
Arts & Sciences VIII
Arts & Sciences IX
Arts & Sciences X
Arts & Sciences XI
Arts & Sciences XII
Arts & Sciences XIII
Arts & Sciences XIV
Arts & Sciences XV
Biological Sciences
Business I
Business II
Business III
Business IV
Business & Economics
Ecology & Botany I
Ecology & Botany II
Health & General Sciences
Hebrew Journals
Jewish Studies
Language & Literature
Life Sciences
Mathematics & Statistics
Mathematics & Statistics Legacy
Music Legacy
Religion & Theology
Secondary Schools Collection
Secondary Schools Collection (Journals Only)
Expanded Access Collections for COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
 Expanded COVID-19 Books Collection
Archive Journals (including title history and reports)
Archive Journals (with title history) 
JSTOR Lives of Literature (Thematic Collection):
Lives of Literature Collection
Lives of Literature Extension
JSTOR Sustainability (Thematic Collection):
JSTOR Sustainability (journals and research reports)
JSTOR Sustainability (journals titles only - not a separate collection)
JSTOR Sustainability (research report titles only - not a separate collection) 
JSTOR Sustainability Extension

JSTOR Security Studies (Thematic Collection):
JSTOR Security Studies (journals and research reports)
JSTOR Security Studies (journal titles only- not a separate collection)
JSTOR Security Studies (research report titles only - not a separate collection)
JSTOR Security Studies Extension
JSTOR Primary Source Collections:
19th Century British Pamphlets
JSTOR Journal Hosting Program:
JSTOR JHP Current Journals: Complete Title List
JHP Legacy Collection
JSTOR Open Access Journals:
JSTOR Open Access Journals Title List
Books at JSTOR:
Books at JSTOR: All Books Title List
Books at JSTOR: DDA Title List
Books at JSTOR: Open Access Title List
Books at JSTOR: EBA Title List
JSTOR For-Profit Academic Institution (FPAI) Collections:
FPAI Arts & Sciences IV
Other Title Lists:
JSTOR Access Initiative
DNAI Tier 3 Collection
JSTOR Core - India Collection
JSTOR Corporate Collection
JSTOR Early Journal Content
JSTOR: All Research Reports
Museums Collection
Museums Collection (Journals Only)
Public Library I Collection
Public Library I Collection (Journals Only)
Public Library II Collection
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This article is helpful. Thank you JSTOR Support! 
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You're welcome, Kamal! Thank you for your kind words. Let us know if we can help with anything. 
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Thank you Bonnie!
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