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Welcome to MaxMind’s Support Center, where you can find information about how to use and configure our products and services. Get help with:
minFraud Services
Providing risk scoring and risk data for fraud prevention based on transaction data including IP, email, credit card, and more.
GeoIP Products and Services
Providing IP intelligence with data on geolocation, demographics and users, and anonymizers, based on IP address.
GeoLite2 Databases and Services
A lighter version of our IP intelligence offering, useful for testing and low volume use cases where accuracy is less important.
Account and Purchasing
Managing and securing your multi-user account, and setting up payment and subscription plans.
Some of our most frequently asked questions:
Purchasing & Managing Your Account
How do I create an account with MaxMind?
What is MaxMind's refund policy?
How do I reset my password?
Go to all Account Management and Purchasing FAQs
minFraud FAQ
What is the difference between the Score, Insights and Factors minFraud services? Which one should I use?
How can I make sure the minFraud service is as effective as possible for me?
What is the Device Tracking Add-on?
Go to all minFraud FAQs
Does MaxMind support IPv6 addresses?
How accurate is GeoIP2?
How can I prevent my service credit from being used up at a faster than expected rate?
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GeoLite FAQ
What is the difference between GeoIP2 and GeoLite2?
How do I use GeoLite2 in a product or service?
What do I need to do to meet the GeoLite2 attribution requirement?
Go to all GeoLite FAQs
GeoIP Data Correction FAQ
How do I submit a correction for GeoIP data?
What can I do if I believe MaxMind's GeoIP data is incorrect?
Are all corrections accepted?
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GeoIP2 Release Notes
Check the latest updates to GeoIP2.
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minFraud Release Notes
Check the latest updates to minFraud.
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System Status
Check status, maintenance schedule, and sign up for updates by email.
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Correct GeoIP Data
Know of something we should change? Let us know.
Make a location, ISP or organization correction
Share Your Feedback With Us
Are there product/service features or data points you would like to see MaxMind develop?
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