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Privacy and security settings
Learn how to keep your information safe and secure with Firefox's private browsing, password features and other security settings.
Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox automatically protects your privacy while you browse.
Learn what information Firefox sends to web sites about your location and how to use and manage location-aware features of your browser.
Learn more about HTTPS-Only Mode which forces all connections to websites to use HTTPS.
Working with its advertising partners, Mozilla may place sponsored tiles on the default Firefox home page and New Tab page. Learn more.
SmartBlock lets pages load more fully, with less breakage -- all while keeping those tracking scripts blocked.
The Site Information panel in Firefox tells you about a website's connection security and identity. Learn more.
Manage credit card autofill settings in Firefox version 81 and above.
Firefox prevents media from playing automatically on websites you visit, unless you grant permission. Learn more about this feature.
Manage your saved logins and passwords with Firefox Lockwise.
Firefox Lockwise Password Manager will show alerts about logins potentially exposed in data breaches and passwords which are potentially vulnerable.
Primary Password is replacing Master Password. Learn more about why we are making this change.
This article describes the implications of allowing or restricting access to accessibility services and its effect on performance.
The difference between Facebook Container and Multi-Account Containers
Disable two-step authentication or use a recovery code to regain access, if you have been locked out of your two-step authentication login.
How to enable or block sites from accessing your camera and microphone on your desktop or mobile device.
Firefox lets you control whether or not to autofill your logins and passwords.
This article explains Firefox's virtual reality features and how to manage permissions for websites that ask to access your VR devices.
Learn how Firefox can create a secure password for you when creating a new online account.
Learn how Firefox securely saves your passwords.
Firefox is blocking the use of Kazakhstan root CA certificate to protect your privacy. Learn more about how to stay safe.
Firefox Sync encrypts your data before it ever leaves your device, and ensures that the password to unlock this encryption is never transmitted to the server.
Firefox collects telemetry data by default. We collect this data to help improve the performance and stability of Firefox. Learn more.
If your Custom settings match the settings in Standard, you will be switched back to Standard. This will not affect your settings.
Learn more about this new Firefox anti-snooping feature designed to protect your logins and passwords from unauthorized access.
This article explains one example of how Firefox collects and uses telemetry data with the Default Browser Agent Windows scheduled task.
Firefox Relay is a Firefox extension that keeps your real email address from companies you don’t trust.
How to create an email alias on Firefox Relay.
How to disable forwarding or delete an email alias.
Learn more about how to participate in studies.
If you allow or block permissions for a website, the address bar will show a Permissions icon that opens the Permissions panel. Learn more.

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