Firefox for iOS
Basic browsing
How to use bookmarks, tabs and basic Firefox features on your iOS device
Find out what version of Firefox you're using on your iPad, iPhone or iPod.
The Top Sites panel in Firefox for iOS displays your most frequently and recently visited sites. Learn how to manage this screen.
Learn about the QR code reader in Firefox for iOS.
Save the photos and files you want from the web to your iOS device.
Learn more about how to add a Firefox widget to your Home screen. (For iOS 14+)
Firefox hides the navigation bar while you're on a page to give you more screen space. Learn how to unhide the back, forward and reload buttons.
Here's how to view mobile websites on Firefox for iOS as desktop sites.
The Find in Page feature in Firefox for iOS lets you search for a word or phrase within a webpage.
A night mode to reduce webpage brightness while browsing.
A block image mode to help you save bandwidth. Continue to browse the web without loading images
Re-order your tabs in tab view.
You can open links or tabs from one app on Firefox or vice versa.
Firefox for iOS can automatically switch to a dark or light theme to match your device’s settings if you have iOS 13.
You can sync your bookmarks, logins, open tabs and browsing history between devices via Firefox for iOS.

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