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Article Number: 000037376
The New ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center:
What You Need To Know
On November 8, 2021, the ProQuest and Ex Libris Support Centers will unite to form a single and upgraded customer portal. Soon, you’ll have one destination to help with all your ProQuest and Ex Libris product and service needs. We’ll use this page to provide you with important updates about our roll-out plans, frequently asked questions, post-go-live support, and more. Our plan is to keep this page dynamic, so that you always have the latest information.
Check back here often for regular updates.
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Built with our customers in mind
We’ve built the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center with our global community of users in mind. It includes:
Knowledge Sharing Groups
Our new knowledge-sharing feature helps users share information with each other. Once signed in, users can begin and follow conversations, or search for specific topics for quick answers. Since the ProQuest /Ex Libris Support Center is built by and for customers, our administrators will monitor for any abuse, but will not moderate.
What to expect during Support Center migration
As we migrate content and test this new resource, our existing support centers will be impacted: 

If you experience a service or component down situation with your ProQuest/Ex Libris products while the support centers are unavailable, contact us at
Note that ProQuest/Ex Libris product access and functionality will not be affected by this transition. 

On Monday, November 8 (8 am UTC), your new ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center opens to serve all your ProQuest and Ex Libris needs.
The Ex Libris Support Center ( will be deactivated and will redirect to the new ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center at 
What to expect at launch
When you arrive at the new ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center, you’ll be asked to reset your password and then you’ll be ready to go. It will feel familiar as you submit cases and interact with your support team members.
Data continuity is a top priority
We are migrating more than 94% of all cases to the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center, including all open cases and closed cases that were opened from 2015 forward. These cases will be visible to you and all entitled users in your institution.
Training and documentation to get you started
While the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center is extremely intuitive, we’ve provided tips, tools, and training so you can get the most out of this resource. They include:
Live and recorded webinars available for every region. Find the slides here , Q&A here and the recordings below:
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: What’s happening to the Ex Libris Support Center? What’s happening to the ProQuest Support Center?
Answer: The ProQuest and Ex Libris Support Centers will combine to form a single and improved customer portal. For the many customers who have both ProQuest and Ex Libris products, the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center will become the single destination to address all their needs. As a bonus, you’ll also enjoy a new and upgraded user experience!
The new Support Center will reside on, with an automatic redirect from
Question: Is the Ex Libris Knowledge Center changing?
Answer: No, the Ex Libris Knowledge Center continues at its current location and with current functionality.
Question: What’s different? How is it better?
Answer: The new Support Center has modern features that reflect the needs of our users, including:
Question: What about my current cases? What happens to them?
Answer: We’re migrating all open cases from existing portals along with closed cases that were opened in 2015 or later (more than 94% of our case archive). You will find all your active cases in the new portal.
Question: Will I continue to have access to existing support channels?
Answer: Yes! You will continue to be able to submit cases, engage in chat, and "Report to Ex Libris" from within Alma and SFX, the redirect will be automatic.
Question: What if I rely on email to case channels and do not typically log in actively to the Support Center?
Answer: You can continue to do this and will notice only a small change in Status categories.
Question: Will my institution’s published cases be visible to all users? Can I share my cases with other Support Center users?
Answer: The new ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center is designed to protect the privacy and security of your data. In the new Support Center, it will not be possible to publish cases. In the new Support Center, it will not be possible to publish cases.
With your permission, your Ex Libris published cases will be available as Knowledge Articles, visible to logged-in, authenticated users only.
Here’s what you need to know about publishing your cases as Knowledge Articles:
Question: How do I get up and running on the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center?
Answer: You can expect a smooth transition to the new Support Center.
Question: When does the ProQuest/Ex Libris Support Center launch?
Answer: We’re expecting to launch on November 8, 2021.
Question: What about after go-live?
Answer: If you need additional help logging in, we have created a dedicated form for access and log-in issues, it will be available upon go live from the log in page itself as well. 

Have other Support Center questions? Email us at or .   

What if I have other questions?
Answer: Contact us at or​. We will add user guides, training material, and knowledge articles. Watch this space for additional details.

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