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With the launch of our new digital subscription, you must have a digital account to read more than two articles and a digital or print subscription to read over four articles on 
Unlimited digital access is included for free in all print subscriptions. You just need to create an account and link your print subscription to it. 
For a seamless newsletter experience, first sign in to your account on the same device and use the same browser that you intend to use to read TIME newsletters. This will ensure that you have uninterrupted access to articles off the newsletter. To ensure that you do not need to log in to your account each time you read an article off the newsletter, make sure you turn off private browsing. 
If you do not have a digital or print subscription and want unlimited access to, go here to subscribe
If you have not created your free digital account, you can do so here
If you are located outside of the US/Canada, please visit our Global Help Centre for assistance. 
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