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Linking Your Print Subscription to Your Digital Account
6 months ago Updated
For unlimited access to, print subscribers are invited to link their print subscription to their account.
Here’s how to link your accounts:
  1. Go here to create your account if you have not done so already. 
  2. To link your print subscription, you’ll need your account number. You can find your 12 digit account number on your magazine wrapper above your address. You can also look up your account number for Asia and Pacific or Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latam . For recent subscribers, your print subscription number is also included in your confirmation email sent immediately after you subscribe. 
You can create an account two ways: Sign in via your Google or Facebook account or with your email address and a new password. If using your email address, it is preferred that you create your account using the same email address associated with your print subscription. 
If you have registered and logged in on, you can link your print subscription in My Account.
If you are having trouble linking your print subscription, please review the instructions below based on the problem you are encountering:
  1. I have a subscription but am unable to link it: Check to make sure your account number is correct and that your subscription is active before you link it. Your account number is 12 digits and may include 0’s at the beginning. If you are still having issues, contact customer care for Asia and Pacific or Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latam.
  2. I linked my print subscription but it no longer appears to be linked: Your subscription may have expired, or be marked unpaid. Please contact customer care for Asia and Pacific or Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latam to resolve the situation.  Once you have an active, paid subscription, you can link it to our digital account to access your benefits.
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