Monday October 25th, 2021
by BALADI NEWS (Opposition website)
Analysts predict that next year’s 2022 budget deficit will be much higher than expected, and might be covered by printing money, according to Baladi News.
Thursday October 14th, 2021
by AL-ARABY AL-JADEED (London based pan-Arab)
The “paper” provided by Jordan to western capitals about Syria includes re-engaging with the regime and providing it with incentives to commit to a political transition, according to Al-Araby al-Jadeed.
Monday October 11th, 2021
by ASHARQ AL-AWSAT (London based pan-Arab)
By establishing itself again as the sponsor of settlement agreements in southern Syria, Russia was able to consolidate its influence in the Jordanian border area, according to Asharq al-Awsat.
Monday October 11th, 2021
by SY-24 (Opposition website)
Young people have completely disappeared from the markets of the eastern city of Deir-ez-Zor, as the regime launches a campaign to capture them and enroll them in the army, according to SY-24.
Thursday October 7th, 2021
by RAI AL-YOM (Pan-arab)
An Iranian general was kidnapped by Tel Avivi to be exchanged for information about the whereabouts of a missing Israeli pilot, according to Rai al-Yom.
Thursday October 7th, 2021
by NORTH PRESS (Kurdish agency)
The lockdown, imposed by the AANES to fight the spread of Covid-19, has deeply affected the IDPs in the region, according to North Press.
Wednesday October 6th, 2021
by ASHARQ AL-AWSAT (London based pan-Arab)
As Syria witnesses a rather dry year, crop production dramatically fell and farmers are facing a dilemma, according to Asharq al-Awsat.
Wednesday October 6th, 2021
by AL-ARABY AL-JADEED (London based pan-Arab)
The economic and energy crises in Lebanon are an opportunity for Assad to restore his regime’s regional status, al-Araby al-Jadeed writes.
Wednesday October 6th, 2021
by ATHR PRESS (Pro-government newspaper)
In Lattakia, some people are removing nylon bags from landfills to recycle and sell them in the market, despite this being a threat to public health, according to Athr Press.
Tuesday October 5th, 2021
The phone call between King Abdullah II of Jordan and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could pave the way for the restoration of Arab-Syrian relations.
Monday October 4th, 2021
by AL-HAL (Opposition website)
The opening of a ‘floating island’, off the coast of Lattakia, with onerous luxurious resorts and touristic places was just announced, according to al-Hal.
Monday October 4th, 2021
by THE SYRIA TIMES (Pro-government newspaper)
British Journalist and activist Vanessa Beeley claimed the west practiced media disinformation during the past ten years of the terrorist war on Syria, according to the Syria Times.
Monday October 4th, 2021
by SYRIA TV (Opposition website(
Iran and Russia are competing over for influence in Syria by working to portray themselves as protectors of Syria’s heritage, according to Syria TV.
Friday October 1st, 2021
by AL-TARIQ (Opposition website)
The Syrian National Coalition (SNC) stressed that Russian aggression has failed to silence the voice of freedom, six years after the intervention of Russia in Syria, according to al-Tariq.
Wednesday September 29th, 2021
by SY-24 (Opposition website)
Grenade attacks and security incidents are becoming more and more widespread in Syria, as the regime’s security agencies remain absent, according to SY-24.
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