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About Teaching with Europeana
The Teaching with Europeana blog is an initiative created as part of the Europeana DSI-4 project and aims to encourage teachers to share their experience in incorporating Europeana resources in their classrooms.
Teaching with Europeana is an ideal platform for teachers to:
  • Discover new learning scenarios
  • Share their experience
  • Get feedback about their learning material
  • Build a growing community
For instance, you can peruse a catalogue of learning scenarios, including Europeana resources. In addition, the blog provides stories of implementation on how resources are being implemented in classes by teachers using their own scenarios or those of other colleagues in their classes.
Members of the Europeana DSI-4 User Group, as well as Europeana DSI-4 Ambassadors, manage the blog actively and publish regularly new articles about their learning scenarios and stories of implementation. Nonetheless, the blog is also open to any interested teachers who would like to share their experiences of using digital cultural heritage in their classes.
How can I contribute to the blog?
Do you want to take part in the Teaching with Europeana blog? To contribute to this blog, you can submit your story of implementation following this online submission form.
To guide you through writing your first story of implementation, you can download the guidelines for writing a story of implementation for the Teaching with Europeana blog.
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The content presented on this site was produced under the Europeana DSI-4 projectwhich is co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union. The content has been developed by the Europeana DSI-4 Teacher Ambassadors, the Europeana Education User Group, the Europeana Foundation and European Schoolnet. This site is the sole responsibility of the organizer and it does not represent the opinion of the European Commission (EC), and the EC is not responsible for any use that might be made of information contained.
About Teaching with Europeana
Teachers from across Europe and beyond are creating learning scenarios in order to use cultural heritage materials from Europeana in their classrooms. They are also implementing the scenarios of other colleagues and sharing their stories of implementation. Join the community and discuss and learn how to integrate cultural heritage materials in your classes!
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