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Adaptation to Climate Change with Technology (LS-TR-587)
Climate Change is one of the most serious issues around the world. It threatens the existence and sustainability of all the livings. …
Digital Heritage Bridge between Past, Present and Future with Digital Storytelling (LS-TR-580)
The aim of this scenario is to help students produce digital heritage by using digital storytelling. Many students can not make proper, …
Hopes Not Fears (LS-PL-566)
“May your choices reflect your hopes not your fears” Nelson Mandela I felt really motivated by this sentence to create a learning …
Culture Cure: trauma and healing across time and space (LS-ME-556)
Culture during pandemics During 2020 everything is marked by Covid-19 pandemic, with profound new realities and traumas. Students have to understand using …
Gender Identity and the Roots of Prejudice (LS-DI-555)
Summary Hi, my name is Rosanna Busiello and I have used this LS with a group of students aged 14-18 years old …
What Could Have hAPPened (LS-HU-538)
How history could have been different if we had the Internet and smart devices back then? What apps could have changed history? …
Our City on Europeana (LS-PL-530)
How EU funds are changing the city Introduction to Europeana The aim of the classes was to show young people another source …
Our Everyday Still Lives – My Favourite Things Far and Near in Isolation (LS-HU-522)
Introduction This learning scenario was created by Katalin Káldi, a teacher of History of Arts from Hungary, and its aim is to …
Learning in the Cultural Environment of Europeana (LS-PT-514)
Introduction The aim of this learning scenario is to highlight the great importance of Europeana resources in IT and other subjects. It …
Distance Education: Cultural Heritage is ‘New’ Normal! (LS-TR-513)
Distance education as a cultural heritage Nowadays, distance education has been entered suddenly into our life with the pandemic: but distance education …
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