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On this page you will be able to find testimonies of teachers having implemented in their classroom learning scenarios presented on this blog.
Implementation of ‘Our City on Europeana’ (SoI-PL-236)
Grudziądz on Europeana It is always interesting to look at old photos of our families, friends, houses or home towns. By implementing …
Implementation of ‘Inventions and Discoveries’ (SOI-GR-235)
“The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain.” ― Nikola …
Implementation of ‘Adventurous Journey through Europe and Culture’ (SOI-GR-234)
Why chosen? The story of implementation was organized by Barbara Zadraveli around the learning scenario ‘Adventurous Journey through Europe and Culture’, originally …
Implementation of ‘Take aim at climate change’ (SOI-RO-233)
Context The learning scenario “Take aim at climate change”, created by Emine Ertas, was implemented by the Romanian teacher Hortensia Bogdan with …
Implementation of ‘Gender Inequality in Workplaces’ (SOI-DI-232)
This learning scenario, created by Marina Stanojlović Mirčić, is about the problem of gender inequality in workplaces. The main goal for students …
Implementation of ‘Jobs’ (SOI-TR-231)
What is your dream job in the future? Having a green job! Green jobs are good for students to contribute to the …
Implementation of “Inclusion Processes through Participatory Photography and Digital Narratives” (SoI-ES-230)
Context of implementation The students that took part in the implementation are attending a Vocational Education Course (Higher Technician in Social Integration), …
Implementation of ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover. Or can you?’ (SOI-HR-229)
Context I decided to implement students’ activities according to the LS,  and adjust them to 16-year-old students. I started my teaching classes …
Implementation of ‘You can’t judge a book by its cover. Or can you?’ (SOI-HR-228)
Implementation context I chose LS “You can’t judge a book by its cover. Or can you?” to mark World Book Day with …
Implementation of ‘Writing home: coping with migration’ (SOI-GR-227)
Young Europeans are familiar with migration and immigrants- but let’ s try to walk in their shoes for a while. When and …
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How can I contribute to the blog?
The Teaching with Europeana blog is a space for all teachers to share their experience. For this reason, any interested teacher can submit stories of implementation to be published on the blog.
We would be happy to hear more about your suggestions!
Please use our online submission form to suggest a story of implementation.
To guide you through writing your first story of implementation, you can download the guidelines for writing a story of implementation for the Teaching with Europeana blog.
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STEM skills
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Methodology and trends:
Flipped classroom
Project-based learning
Cooperative learning
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Inquiry-based learning
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Role game
Group dynamics
Mind map
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