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Media Gallery is each Canvas course’s central library for video, audio, and images. Students, teachers, and other people in the course can search and view all the media within the Media Gallery. See related Media Gallery articles for more information about using this tool in Canvas.
How to import media and playlists from one course’s Media Gallery into another. Importing a course’s Media Gallery can save time over selecting individual media files to add to a new course.
Note: Copying Content into a new Canvas Course will not copy over the Media Gallery; the following steps must be performed separately. However, media embedded into course content copied from a previous course will become associated with the new course and accessible by anyone enrolled in the new course.
You do not need to be the media owner or co-publisher to import media into the Media Gallery. You must however be a Teacher, TA, or Instructional Designer for both courses.
Navigate to the course > Media Gallery > Channel Actions  > Import
Tip: If this is a new course with no media, you can use the quick link, found below the filter options, to import content from another Media Gallery.
Select the Course Media Gallery from which to import items and click Import. If you do not see the course you want to import from, verify the course has media in the Media Gallery and then see the Import Media Gallery From Course Not Shown In List article.
Note: It could take several minutes to import all of the media, depending on the size of the Media Gallery. A message at the top of the screen will alert you when Importing completed successfully. Importing runs in the background so you can safely navigate away from the Media Gallery once the Importing Started Successfully message clears.
Click "click here" when the message appears to refresh the Media Gallery. The gallery now shows the items and playlists from the other course's Media Gallery.
Video Demo
Importing a Course Media Gallery in Canvas
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See related Media Gallery articles for more information about using this tool in Canvas.
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