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Perf Matters at Wikipedia in 2016
Looking back at our ups and downs. 
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December 8, 2022Timo Tijhof
How we’re building our Kubernetes pipeline in GitLab
Our deployment pipeline helps our developers build, test, and release Docker images to our production Kubernetes. Now we’re migrating the pipeline to GitLab and seizing the chance to refine our tools.
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December 2, 2022Tyler Cipriani
Web Perf Hero: Valentín Gutierrez
Today we celebrate two numbers: 25% lower latency for ATS backend requests at the p75, and up to 1000X reduction of ATS disk read latency at the p999.
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November 21, 2022Timo Tijhof
HTTP/2 performance revisited
Deploying HTTP/2 support to the Wikimedia CDN significantly changed how browsers negotiate and transfer data during the page load process. We found regressions in performance during the transition and are sharing the lessons we learned.
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November 4, 2022Timo Tijhof
Introducing Terraform support on Wikimedia Cloud VPS
Learn how Wikimedia Cloud VPS was adapted to work with Terraform.
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October 24, 2022Taavi Väänänen
Join the Wikimania Hackathon, August 12-14 2022!
The Wikimania 2022 Hackathon is a free, online event where anyone interested in Wikimedia technology can work together on projects, learn new skills, and meet other technical contributors. Don’t miss this opportunity to come together with other Wikimedia technical community members!
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July 29, 2022Melinda Seckington
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