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Roundup: Google Summer of Code 2021 and Outreachy Round 22
This year’s outreach programs were some of the most successful ever. This post highlights projects from Google Summer of Code 2021 and Outreachy Round 22.
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October 8, 2021
Sarah R. Rodlund and Srishti Sethi
Summit on present & future Vue.js user-interface library and the design system at the Wikimedia Foundation
The Wikimedia Foundation Design Systems Team provides updates and outcomes from the recent Vue.js Designer Workshop and Developer Summit, which aimed to help us converge on a single design system and UI component library moving forward as we officially adopt Vue.js.
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September 23, 2021
Roan Kattouw, Volker Eckl and Anne Tomasevich
Call for smaller language wikis to participate in the technical capacity-building program!
Learn more about how to participate in the small wiki toolkits initiative.
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September 21, 2021Srishti Sethi
Analyzing the Wikipedia clickstream just got easier with WikiNav
We have recently developed WikiNav, an interactive tool to analyze and visualize reader navigation, as part of an Outreachy-internship.
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September 17, 2021
Muniza A, Isaac Johnson and Martin Gerlach
The Wikipedia image/caption matching challenge and a huge release of image data for research!
Wikipedia articles are missing images, and Wikipedia images are missing captions. A scientific competition organized by the Research team at the Wikimedia Foundation could help bridge this gap. The WMF is also releasing a large image dataset to help researchers and practitioners build systems for automatic image-text retrieval in the context of Wikipedia.
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September 9, 2021
Miriam Redi, Fabian Kaelin and Tiziano Piccardi
Sending messages to Wiki users in their preferred language
With the improved MassMessage extension you can send wiki pages or select sections of wiki pages as messages, and these messages will be sent in their target language!
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August 24, 2021
Abijeet Patro and Niklas Laxström
Wikimania 2021 Hackathon: 24 hours to experiment with other Wikimedians
The Wikimania 2021 hackathon will take place on the first day of the remote Wikimania 2021, starting August 13th at 5:00 UTC and lasting for 24 hours.
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July 20, 2021
Wikimania Core Organizing Team
Alone together: Wikimedia Hackathon 2021
Wikimedia’s 2021 Hackathon brought participants from all over the globe together online. This post explored the event and its outcomes.
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June 30, 2021Joaquin Oltra Hernandez
Discovering and fixing CVE-2021-33038 in Mailman3
During Wikimedia’s Mailman3 migration, we discovered and fixed a security issue that would have disclosed the contents of private list archives during the import process. This post explains the issue, how we discovered it and how it was fixed.
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June 11, 2021Kunal Mehta
Outreachy round 21: experiences and outcomes
Wikimedia’s participation in Outreachy Round 21 focused on projects related to data science and engineering. In this post, the interns share the outcomes and experiences of their projects.
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June 2, 2021
Sarah R. Rodlund, Srishti Sethi and Various Contributors
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