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Wikipedia and Apps: A Love Story
Wikimedia Foundation’s apps are an essential piece to meet our “this is for everyone” design principle. Wikimedia apps are designed with the philosophy of mobile first in mind.
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December 3, 2021
Robin Schönbächler, Carolyn Li-Madeo, Sudhanshu Gautam and Volker Eckl
Summit on present & future Vue.js user-interface library and the design system at the Wikimedia Foundation
The Wikimedia Foundation Design Systems Team provides updates and outcomes from the recent Vue.js Designer Workshop and Developer Summit, which aimed to help us converge on a single design system and UI component library moving forward as we officially adopt Vue.js.
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September 23, 2021
Roan Kattouw, Volker Eckl and Anne Tomasevich
Sending messages to Wiki users in their preferred language
With the improved MassMessage extension you can send wiki pages or select sections of wiki pages as messages, and these messages will be sent in their target language!
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August 24, 2021
Abijeet Patro and Niklas Laxström
2020: The Year in Vue
A look back at a year of experiences of using Vue within the Structured Data team.
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January 22, 2021
Eric Gardner and Anne Tomasevich
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