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Whether you’re emailing prospective students and alumni, managing an event, or customizing a person’s record, Slate’s there to make your life easier. It’s the only solution purpose-built to fully handle the evolving needs of modern enrollment management, student success, and alumni/advancement.
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Endless Possibilities
All licenses to Slate include all features and functionality. No matter your role, office, and institution, Slate’s unrivaled feature set will empower your users to achieve their unique objectives.

Slate is trusted by more than 1,500 colleges and universities worldwide.
Communications and Outreach
Multiple channels of communication
Connect with your audiences via fully integrated text messaging, emails, voice, social media, and print communications.
Whether you’re looking to send messages to an individual person or to thousands of people, Slate’s Deliver module allows for incredible control over all components of the message. From initial mailing design and sending configurations to the unlimited segmentation potential, Slate’s ability to leverage all the underlining information within your database enables you to spend less time creating your message and more time executing your communications strategy.
Event Management
Simple or complex event structures
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With the ability to create, schedule, and invite attendees to events, Slate’s event management functionality consolidates and simplifies office processes into a single, straightforward system. Leveraging templates, recurring events can be created en masse without the need for additional configurations.
Slate can handle multiple event registrations with a single form submission using our related events feature. If desired, payments and gifts can be collected as part of the registration process.
Common events routinely created by institutions include campus tours, information sessions, admitted student days, homecoming weekends, alumni/donor receptions, and more.
Queries, Reporting, and Data Management
Any data point. Anytime. Any user.
The powerful query builder uses drag-and-drop functionality that enables end users to learn and build queries without the need for IT assistance. Any data point throughout all of Slate is easily accessible with just a few clicks. This query tool is used throughout Slate – allowing for robust capabilities in all aspects of Slate’s functions.
Automations and Integrations
Plays well with others
Many institutions transfer data bidirectionally between Slate, their SIS, and other databases as needed. These file transfers are employed for such integrations via SFTP or RESTful web services.
Slate has integrated successfully with a wide variety of software applications, including Banner, PeopleSoft, Colleague, Workday, Jenzabar, Blackbaud, Millennium, as well as business intelligence solutions, CMS solutions, and more.
Application, Evaluation, and Review
Custom applications
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Slate supports multiple application frameworks within a single database, allowing organizations to design a unique experience for various applicant groups and purposes. Undergraduate, graduate, certificate, non-degree, non-traditional, financial aid and scholarship applications can all be managed in Slate. No need to maintain multiple applications? Create just one application and dynamically display content throughout the application for each population.
Collect any supporting documentation, including school transcripts, test scores, activities, essays, resumes, employment history, recommendations, and counselor information. Additionally, applications may include rich media capabilities such as video essays, video interviewing, and digital portfolios.
Using Slate’s self-service application tools, a customized and responsive application experience can be crafted by dynamically controlling the display of whole pages, questions, or individual answers within each question. With a bespoke application experience, applicants can quickly and seamlessly complete their application.
Gift management and processing
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Managing and processing gifts has never been easier. Gifts can be added individually on a donor’s record, imported en masse using the Upload Dataset tool or entered directly by a donor, either through an online giving form, as part of an event registration, or through a donor’s custom gift management portal. Apart from the standard giving fields, each institution can develop their own custom fields that allow for complete process customization. Recurring gifts can be created on a monthly, quarterly, biannual, and annual basis.
Using Slate’s automations and query capabilities, receipts can automatically be run, delivered, and tied back to the donor’s timeline. These receipts can be automatically segmented and sent through any of Slate’s communication channels – including print, SMS, and email.
Leveraging Slate’s Telephony capabilities, telefunding campaigns can occur directly within Slate – using VOIP – that allows callers to connect with donors while simultaneously updating their information and processing gifts and pledges. This capability to process gifts over VOIP occurs in a completely PCI compliant manner – storing only tokenized information about the donor’s payment method. Callers can pull from a list of donors and record the details of the conversation – including whether there is a need for a follow-up call.
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