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This is a gallery of The Intercept's investigative journalism, as told through animated GIFs, videos, infographics, and illustrations.
Two Brazilian firms owned by a top donor to President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are significantly responsible for the ongoing destruction of the Amazon rainforest, carnage that has developed into raging fires that have captivated global attention. Read more here. 
Illustration: Soohee Cho/The Intercept
Amazon climate catastrophe amazon fire
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Seven whistleblowers have been prosecuted for leaking information to publishers since 2017. We’ve mined the court filings in the cases filed by Trump’s Justice Department to identify the methods used to unmask these alleged sources.
Illustration: Owen Freeman for The Intercept
whistleblower surveillance tech technology
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Repression of labor at Fiat Brazil came thanks to coordination between the security apparatuses of the Brazilian government and a massive clandestine espionage network operated within the company itself.
Illustration: Laise Mendes/The Intercept Brasil
brazil longreads fiat animated gif
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An Amazon Ring video reveals that the company built a bespoke portal for law enforcement officers who want access to the enormous volume of residential surveillance footage generated by customers’ cameras.
Illustration: Erik Blad for The Intercept
Amazon Illustration surveillance
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A rape victim who smuggled DNA evidence out of Rikers won a settlement. Her story reveals just how challenging it is for abused detainees to seek justice in a system set up to offer none.
Illustration: Nicole Xu for The Intercept
Criminal justice new york illustration jail
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Prisons across the U.S. are quietly building databases of incarcerated people’s voice prints.
Illustration: Alexander Glandien for The Intercept
surveillance prison Criminal justice animated gif
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Google’s Sidewalk Labs plans to package and sell location data on millions of cellphones.
Illustration: Yotam Hadar for The Intercept
surveillance animated gif google
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Homeland Security will let computers predict who might be a terrorist on your plane — just don’t ask how it works.
Illustration: Soohee Cho/The Intercept, Getty Images
surveillance terrorism technology Illustration
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The NYPD gang database can turn unsuspecting New Yorkers into instant felons. A young man who police claim is a gang member is suing the NYPD over its refusal to turn over records about its secretive gang database.
Illustration: Angie Wang for The Intercept
new york NYPD Criminal justice Illustration
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Amazon’s accent recognition technology could tell the government where you’re from.
Illustration: Erik Blad for The Intercept
amazon surveillance alexa dystopia
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