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Last Update: May. 29 2019
SIDtoday is the internal newsletter for the NSA’s most important division, the Signals Intelligence Directorate. The Intercept released four years’ worth of newsletters in batches, starting with 2003, after editorial review. From the documents and the accompanying articles available in this archive, you can learn a surprising amount about what the agency's spies were doing, how they were doing it, and why.
Nov. 13 2022
Cook County Sheriff’s Policy Document on Movement for Those Under EM
Nov. 13 2022
Illinois State Rep. Margaret Croke Email to Sheriff’s Office With Draft Bills
Nov. 1 2022
UW Madison Lab Accident Reports to NIH
Nov. 1 2022
Mount Sinai Lab Accident Report to NIH
Nov. 1 2022
Chikungunya Lab Infection Report to NIH
Oct. 30 2022
Ofício circular TSE
Oct. 27 2022
Iran’s Secret Manual for Tracking and Controlling Protesters’ Mobile Phones (Persian)
Oct. 27 2022
Iran’s SIAM Manual in Persian for Tracking and Controlling Mobile Phones
Oct. 27 2022
Iran’s SIAM Manual for Tracking and Controlling Mobile Phones
Sep. 26 2022
PL iFood
Sep. 8 2022
Research on Microsoft conducted by Tech Inquiry
Aug. 31 2022
Negativa Seguro
Aug. 2 2022
Contrato de Participação LTW
Aug. 2 2022
ACLU of Arizona Letter on Border Patrol Confiscating Sikhs’ Turbans
Jul. 8 2022
Abu Akleh Family Letter to President Joe Biden
May. 19 2022
Chicago Police Department Somex George Floyd Protest
May. 19 2022
Chicago Police Social Media Exploitation Somex Policy
Mar. 14 2022
ContiLeaks Translations
Mar. 10 2022
Resposta McDonald’s
Mar. 3 2022
Chmura-Gratton Email Exchange Grant Date
Feb. 18 2022
Michael Lauer NIH-Ecohealth Alliance
Feb. 18 2022
Lista de bens das empresas de telefonia
Feb. 17 2022
NIH FOIA Request 55058 February Production
Jan. 31 2022
Termos de Uso e Privacidade – Bolsonaro TV
Jan. 12 2022
JBS – Empresas autuadas/Multas pagas
Dec. 6 2021
Exercício CIOpEsp
Nov. 4 2021
Babel Street U.S. Treasury IRS Contract 2021
Nov. 4 2021
Babel Street U.S. Treasury OFAC Contract 2021
Oct. 22 2021
ICE Internal Detainee Death Review for Efrain Romero De La Rosa
Oct. 13 2021
Processo TCU
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