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It’s a Girl (Fascist)!
Natasha Lennard Sep. 26
Giorgia Meloni will be Italy’s first woman prime minister — and part of a long tradition of white womanhood being central to fascism.
I Watched the Afghan Government Collapse Under the Weight of Its Own Greed
Elyas Nawandish, Murtaza Hussain Sep. 25
Our leaders failed to give Afghan soldiers the food, tools, and respect they needed to defeat a brutal insurgency.
Democratic Small Donors Have Found a New Hole to Throw Money Into
George Chidi Sep. 20
Marcus Flowers has raised $10 million in his race against Marjorie Taylor Greene. But he’s spending more to raise new money than to go after Greene.
Lindsey Graham’s “Late-Term” Abortion Ban Is a Lie
Natasha Lennard Sep. 13
Graham’s bill feigns a flawed compromise while drastically increasing enforced births and criminalizing medical care.
Chile’s Vote on a New Constitution Is a Big Loss for the CIA and the “Chicago Boys”
Jon Schwarz Sep. 3
The potential state-of-the-art Magna Carta was drafted by an equal number of women and men and is a victory for small-d democrats.
Donald Trump’s “Better Call Saul” Performance Isn’t Going Well
James Risen Sep. 1
Trump is trying to bluster his way out of the classified documents case. But he is not nearly as smooth or subtle as Saul Goodman.
Right-Wing Appeals Court Blocks Arkansas Ban on Trans Health Care
Natasha Lennard Aug. 31
The injunction against a law banning gender-affirming medical care for trans children holds lessons for the moderates who have enabled GOP bigotry.
The Murdoch Family Exposes Its Hypocrisy in Lawsuits Over Fox News
Peter Maass Aug. 29
In separate defamation suits in the U.S. and Australia, the owners of Fox News contradict themselves by trying to avoid the punishment they seek to inflict on others.
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