Watch: Machine learning and predicting an election result 

Artificial Intelligence
Tech & Gaming
Consumer group lodges EU complaint against WhatsApp
'Super Mario' cartridge sold for video game record $1.5 million
Zelda game cartridge sells for ‘world record’ $870,000 at auction
TikTok launches video resume feature as US firms struggle to hire
Samsung Electronics forecasts 53.37 per cent jump in Q2 operating profit
US software firm moves to restart after huge ransomware attack
Pentagon scraps $10 billion cloud contract amid Amazon-Microsoft dispute
Nintendo unveils new Switch game console
China deepens crypto crackdown with central bank warning
Hackers demand $70m after Kaseya ransomware attack
China extends probe into US-listed tech firms after Didi blow
Facebook tests alerting users to extremist posts
The EU COVID certificate – what it is and where to get one
At mobile show, techies enjoy face-to-face socialising
World Wide Web source code NFT sells for $5.4 mn
Facebook AI guru says regulate its use, not the tech
Pandemic lifts sales of wearable gadgets
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