An exciting career ahead
An exciting career ahead
September 6, 2021
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The financial services sector has, in recent years, achieved significant growth – and has established itself as one of the most important contributors to Malta’s GDP.
This growth has a spill-over effect on various other sectors – including on education and on the careers that students and those looking for a change, opt for. The more growth the financial services sector achieves, the more career opportunities become available. 
But to pursue a career in this versatile sector, the right education and training are needed. 
21 Academy is a further and higher education institution – licensed by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education in Malta (licence 2018-017) – that provides students with a valuable and positive learning experience based on high quality teaching and excellent facilities both at its premises in Naxxar as well as online.
The courses, training programmes, webinars and workshops offered by 21 Academy are varied and are all delivered by successful professionals who lecture and train on a part-time basis while practising their profession – this helps to keep the training deliverables continuously updated.
21 Academy has launched its new scholastic timetable which includes various programmes, including new additions as well as popular ones. For those looking for career prospects in the financial services sector – or wanting to move to other opportunities within their present employment – the Award in Anti Money Laundering and Funding of Terrorism is an accredited course that would suit their ambitions. The course is also ideal for compliance officers, advisors and managers, risk officers, money laundering reporting officers and lawyers. 
Delivered in collaboration with Camilleri Preziosi Advocates, this course is spread over 10 online morning lectures and gives participants an understanding of the AML framework and obligations, and covers the key components of money laundering and terrorist financing. The course is delivered in an interactive manner, giving participants the opportunity to ask questions and participate in healthy discussions. 
Another popular online course is the Directors Law and Compliance Certificate. Suitable for newly appointed directors, or established directors keen to update their knowledge, this certificate helps participants gain an understanding of the role, duties and legal responsibilities of a company director as well as the other critical board roles, activities and duties associated with leading a business. This hands-on course will help participants with the knowledge essential to be able to handle the director’s role, identify and manage risks and opportunities successfully and avoid personal penalties. 
Data has become key to any sector – and the handling of data is critical to any operation. The Course for Data Protection Officers/Leads is delivered in collaboration with 21 Law, Camilleri Preziosi Advocates, Fenech and Fenech Advocates and Mamo TCV Advocates and is aimed to help Data Protection Officers or employees who have been entrusted with the task to be the Data Protection leaders within the company. This online morning course gives participants in-depth knowledge of GDPR requirements, thus enabling them to guide their organisation in managing personal and sensitive data. 
21 Academy will be holding a free webinar for those interested to understand better the learning objectives of each of their upcoming study programme as well as the possible career prospects one can expect on successful completion of each study programme. More information about the free webinar may be obtained from this link.  
All of 21 Academy’s courses qualify for one or more refund schemes available for participating students or employees - making education at 21 Academy a valuable, yet affordable, pursuit. 
For more information visit​.  
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