Dairy free Actimel launched
July 24, 2021
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Danone has just released their very first plant-based Actimel cultured yoghurt shot.
This plant-based Actimel is 100 per cent dairy free and produced from a blend of roasted almonds and oats along with two different strains of live ­cultures and vitamins D and B6 which help support the immune system.
Danone said that the new Actimel is low in sugar, without preservatives, colours or artificial flavours. This product is ideal for vegans as well as lactose intolerant individuals.
Actimel plant-based is nutritionally fortified and good for your gut.
Marketing director at Danone Sarah Dossett said: “We’re excited to bring our decades of experience in live cultures and immune support to the plant-based world.”
Today many people are looking for alternative options that fit their diet and Actimel plant-based offers the much-loved Actimel product also as a dairy-free option.
Actimel plant-based is being launched in two flavours: mango passion fruit, and blueberry. This product is distributed locally by Quintano Foods Ltd. and is now available in all leading supermarkets and retail food outlets in Malta and Gozo.
For further information contact Quintano Foods Ltd. on 2381 4556 or by e-mail on info@quintanofoods.com​.
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