Demonstrating creativity
Demonstrating creativity
July 17, 2021
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Supported by the American University of Malta
A safe country with many life and entertainment options: these elements are what the American University of Malta (AUM) focuses on in its campaigns.
The AUM seeks to use the stunning aspects of Malta in its campaigns, as it reflects to the world the reasons behind considering Malta as a very suitable destination for tourism, especially with its famous archaeological sites and historical monuments. Examples of which include how the AUM preserved the aesthetics of the ancient building where its educational offices are located.
This magnificent building enables the AUM to provide its students with a comfortable studying environment. The university is also supporting the tourism sector as it helps promote the image of Malta abroad.
As the American University of Malta is an integral part of the country, it participates in Public Service Announcements through its campaigns. In addition, the university highlights various parts of the tourism sector, such as the country’s most popular and unique restaurants.
The American University of Malta believes that the educational process must be characterised by the highest standards of excellence, so every student can demonstrate their creativity in the best possible way. This educational institution believes that its future engineers, who work on developing technologies, will serve their society and the world with a great passion.
AUM remains the best option for promoting Malta to the world, and bridging gaps among nations through welcoming students from all corners of the globe.
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