Embracing digital transformation
October 13, 2021|
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The workplace will never be the same again. DataByte is helping local businesses automate and centralise their HR function while embracing remote work. 
While the world slowly returns to a new normal after COVID-19, one thing most employees do not want to return to, is employment without the option of remote working and connectivity. The pandemic showed that not only is remote working viable, it is also very much in demand by workers.
Remote work has many advantages for both employees and employers, including reduced commutes, lower office rents, global teams, and better work-life balance. However, like so many other HR responsibilities, remote work isn’t an easy system to adopt and master. At least, not without the right technology. For remote working to be successful, full system integration, automated online systems and robust and secure digital HR solutions are essential tools.
“Local companies are being forced to adapt quickly to this shifting pattern of work behaviour, and we are helping organisations fill in the gaps with our Workforce HR Suite,” said DataByte CEO Kevin Camilleri. DataByte is a local software company offering digital HR cloud software solutions for local businesses. Their ‘WorkForce HR Suite’ is one great answer to the complexities and difficulties faced by HR teams navigating not only the shift to remote work, but also unified HR management in general.
“Today’s HR teams are under intense pressure, and the last thing they want to do is spend the lion’s share of their time executing outdated manual or semi-automated tasks such as handling leave applications, processing volumes of physical paperwork, transferring data between systems, or monitoring attendance. What they want is for all these functions to be handled from one dashboard, with full authorised team access, and where HR functions are automated and fully audited,” said Camilleri. 
Workforce HR Suite is a cloud-based software that simplifies and automates time consuming HR tasks and pain points. Payroll and payslips can be digitally sent out instantly, overtime, bonuses, tax, and insurance contributions are calculated automatically, and employee task performance can be monitored in real time. Workforce HR Suite even lets employees gain access to their team’s leave requests and deadlines, through the system’s employee portal, allowing for a more cooperative approach to both leave and project management. 
“Without such tried and tested solutions and assistance, it’s easy for remote working to fail, or even create further costly problems such as poor communications, backlog of paperwork, and ultimately, poor management of the team,” added Camilleri.
To make remote working work for them, companies need to embrace the digital transformation of their HR department. Solutions like Workforce HR Suite are going to play an increasingly essential role in helping companies streamline and manage rapidly changing workplace norms, paving the way for local companies to reap the many exciting benefits of digital innovation in workplace management.
Are you excited by the possibilities of digital HR for your business? Speak to DataByte to explore the many ways that digital HR can transform your business.
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