Enjoy summer… without the heat 
BT Commercial introduces new Gree Pular Air Conditioners and BT Extra Care Pack 
July 10, 2021
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Summer in Malta doesn’t simmer gently – it just comes to a boil and stays there. In fact, last month we suffered the longest June heatwave in at least a decade, with temperatures rising to an unbearable 36°C – when the heat stress index is factored in, this already high temperature feels as hot as 38°C.
But how do you combat this sizzling heat? Cold drinks on tap will only offer temporary relief. And not everyone has a pool to jump into. The best solution, therefore, is an air conditioner that effectively and efficiently combats the summer heat. 
BT Commercial have just launched the Gree Pular Air Conditioners range. True to BT Commercial’s credentials as a leader in the air conditioning sector, Gree Pular Air Conditioners are a top product combining design, efficiency and extra comfort – and all this at affordable prices. 
Incorporating elegant design and efficient performance, Gree Pular Air Conditioners vaunt a superior technology that offers effective filtration – blocking airborne impurities and bacteria, also preventing the proliferation of bacteria. Thanks to this filtration technology, you can breathe fresh and pleasant clean air. 
Gree Pular Air Conditioners ensure purification of your entire house – thanks to its Cold Plasma air purification technology, with a sterilisation rate of 93 per cent in one hour, overall house purification is achieved through bacteria inhibition and deodorisation. 
To effectively ensure the removal of dirt particles and bad odours from your living spaces, Gree Pular Air Conditioners have an innovative evaporator auto clean technology that combines the process of condensing, frosting, sterilising and defrosting. 
Gree Pular Air Conditioners make your life easier thanks to innovative, time-saving functions, such as seven-speed fans – including turbo fan speed that can change a room’s temperature almost immediately – and the I-Feel function. Through this function, the remote control automatically detects ambient temperature every 10 minutes and regulates the temperature of the room as set for improved comfort. In the event of a power failure, the air conditioner will automatically restart and restore the operating state before the power failure, once power is restored.
With these features, Gree Pular Air Conditioners are the preferred choice for your living spaces.
BT Commercial have also launched the BT Extra Care Pack which offers customers extra warranty offers. This care pack complements BT Commercial’s unrivalled aftersales commitment – and covers all BT Commercial products. For residential air conditioners, the care pack offers five years warranty on all components, and an extra two years on compressors, while for commercial air conditioners, the care pack includes three years plus an extra two years warranty on all components, and five plus two years of warranty on compressors. The BT Extra Care Pack covers other products, including portable air conditioners, marine air conditioners, appliances, energy recovery ventilation systems, heat pump water heaters, chillers, fan coils and air curtains. 
For more information visit btmalta.com
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