Saving our Blue says ‘thank you’
October 9, 2021|
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Following the success of the previous editions, the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning launched the third edition of the Saving Our Blue Campaign this summer. Here’s how it went.
Many have heard or even joined forces with the Saving Our Blue team to collectively fight the problems caused by single-use plastic and marine litter. The campaign’s main focus was, this year, on microplastics. 
These tiny plastics, less than five millimetres in size, are easily digested by marine species and continue to travel up through the food chain with devastating effects on both ecosystems and human health. Particular emphasis was also given on raising awareness about sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics, urging the public to take action and start changing daily routines in favour of more sustainable behaviour at home, work, school and whilst enjoying the beach. 
In this regard, Malta was among the first countries to introduce a regulation (S.L. 549.140) to restrict a number of Single Use Plastics (SUP) products and items made from oxo-degradable plastic from being placed on the market as of January 2021. These products will be banned at point of sale as from 2022.
The Saving our Blue Campaign’s efforts concentrated on encouraging both market and consumers to re-think, adapt and opt for more sustainable ways of living through its intense marketing activity on both social and traditional media.
The third edition focused on involving citizens in all the activities linked to marine litter, including clean-up activities and proper waste disposal (whilst abiding to COVID-19 regulations). Similar to previous summers, many volunteers and various organisations joined forces to collectively make a difference in our marine environment, by participating in the clean-up events that the Ministry for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning has organised in different locations. Furthermore, on World Clean-up Day a multiple location clean-up activity was held. A total of 11,648.98kg of waste was collected this summer, including the clean-up dives held by Żibel. 
Saving our Blue’s continuous commitment in promoting behavioural change with the younger generation is solidified in a yearly collaboration with the Skola Sajf centres. A dedicated summer school programme with engaging features and activities was developed to allow students to acquire environmental knowledge and develop environmental thinking. To this purpose, a drawing competition was also organised and twelve winners were selected from the various ages and schools participating in the programme. 
The pledges continued to feature even in this year’s event where the Ministry for the Environment Climate Change and Planning encouraged the public to be part of this effort. Individuals had the opportunity to let their peers know what actions they are taking to reduce single-use plastics, and further protect the surrounding environment. 
So be a pledger. Follow this link to share your actions and commitment to Save Our Blue. 
We are all effected by the marine environment! Let’s be part of the solution, not the pollution. 
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