Secure News Tips
Do you have confidential information you would like to leak to us?
Below are several options one can choose to use to leak confidential information to us:
1. Encrypted e-mail
E-mails can be encrypted and sent to Times of Malta for additional security using Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). The easiest way to this is via a browser extension like Mailvelope for Chrome and Firefox. Download Mailvelope.
Please be aware that although the contents of your e-mail will be encrypted, the subject line and metadata (sender, receiver, time location) will not.
Times of Malta’s encrypted e-mail fingerprint is: 7703 533E 5111 A6DD 30AF 1183 80FC 2642 B942 F45C
Send your encrypted tips to: secure@timesofmalta.com
2. Post
Postal mail is an easy way to contact Times of Malta discreetly. Using a public post box, ideally one that is not near your home or workplace. You can send your mail to a specific reporter, or Times of Malta’s newsroom.
Allied Newspapers Ltd,
Times of Malta,
Triq I-Intornjatur,
Mrieħel BKR 3000,
3. Secure Drop
You can do so through a new Times of Malta service that guarantees complete security and anonymity.
Using the SecureDrop system, which is trusted by several global news organisations, you can pass on documents and tips to us safe in the knowledge that your identity will be protected, even from us.
The system does not log your IP address, browser or computer. The server sits inside our own organisation and is protected against hackers. Also, the data you pass on it encrypted in transit and at rest.
The platform uses Tor hidden services to support anonymity. You will need to download and install software to access the Tor network. We advise that you access the platform from a network which is not monitored and where your screen cannot be viewed by others.
Three steps to accessing the SecureDrop service of The Times.
  1. Download and install software to access the Tor network: https://www.torproject.org​.
  2. Once you launch the Tor browser, TYPE this URL into the address bar: 4cii5g4k2uesg6qkepifvt4efh2p6jfuiff25sql4gdamkscjyzozkyd.onion/​DO NOT COPY AND PASTE IT FROM HERE. When the page loads, you will find further instructions on how to submit files and messages to The Times.
  3. You will be assigned a randomly generated and unique code phrase. If a journalist or editor at The Times wants to contact you about the information you have submitted, he or she will leave a message for you in SecureDrop. The messages can only be accessed using your code name. These messages are the only way we will be able to reach you.
The SecureDrop software is an open source project sponsored by the Freedom of the Press Foundation.
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