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Welcome to the new library service platform
Review this collection of FAQs about how to use LibrarySearch
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Faculty members can reach out to the Liaison Librarian in their subject areas.
Why switch to a new search system?
Our current system was adopted 18 years ago, when our collections were largely made up of print and other physical formats. More and more of our collections are now electronic or digital, requiring a new system to improve searching and access of both print and electronic resources. 
Using the new system, when you log in to your account, your experience will be customized just for you. Save your searches in order to pick up from where you left off, and easily switch between devices without having to start your search over. This will save you time and make your searches more effective and your results more relevant.
New Features
  • A single integrated search
  • Refine your search by format, library, subjects, availability, and more
  • Save your previous searches and results
  • Pin, organize, and save materials in your favourites file for easy retrieval
  • Pay fines and place holds
  • Cite and seamlessly export bibliographic details
  • Browse the library shelves virtually
  • Follow citation trails from references within an article
What else is changing?
Behind-the-scenes, a new Library Services Platform (LSP) will provide the foundation for the new library search. The new LSP is a modernized system for improved management of library materials and user information. The new LSP will require the retirement of what has been known as the Classic Catalogue. The Classic Catalogue was very useful as a workaround for weaknesses in the current system. With the new LSP, it will no longer be needed.
How will I search for items?
Start your search on the library website. You can search in the “one search” box on the main page or select from a variety of searches in the main menu.  You will also be able to search “everything” (e.g. books, articles, media) all at once, or you can decide to limit your search in a variety of ways. Library staff can help you become better acquainted with the search interface so do not hesitate to ask for a tour of the new system!
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