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16 MARCH 2021
Economy Video
How the pandemic has fuelled money laundering
Over the past 12 months Covid-19 has curtailed countless business activities, but not money laundering. The UN estimates some $1.6tn is laundered every year, and authorities say lockdown measures have presented criminals with even greater opportunities...
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16 FEBRUARY 2021
Economy Video
Covid-19: widening the gap between rich and poor
Despite the coronavirus pandemic, in 2020, the world’s five wealthiest individuals saw their collective worth increase by more than $250bn.
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Companies Video
Spacs: the blank-cheque blitz of 2020
Special purpose acquisition companies, or Spacs, have taken Wall Street by storm this year. Spacs are shell companies that raise money by listing on the stock exchange.
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10 NOVEMBER 2020
Economy Video
Supermarkets’ super struggle to make money from home delivery boom
Covid-19 has led to an ecommerce surge in grocery sales. But grocers are struggling to make any money from online home deliveries.
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