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Wikistats 2.0 is the software used for computing, rendering and interacting with the statistics collected about Wikimedia projects on its web sites, applications and services.
Its computed metrics are measuring over time for every supported Wikimedia project, the amount and the evolution of page views or edits, users (readers, indexers, editors or editing bots, registered with an account or not), originating countries, prefered languages, unique devices, types and capabilities of web browsers and other client softwares used, and the most commonly accessed topics, pages or other data elements, as well as the network traffic and performance of servers and applications.
They can be browsed online with detailed graphs and data tables on the Wikimedia Statistics portal.
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Translation notes
Languages with translation completion less than 25 % are not committed to version control. If the project consists of multiple message groups, the limit is applied to each group separately.
Translation updates are exported to version control every Monday and Thursday.

Translation statistics
The numbers shown below are cached and may not show the latest status. See this stats page for always up to date statistics.
ar: Arabic331598%21%0%
ast: Asturian33121335%0%1%
az: Azerbaijani33121136%0%1%
ban: Balinese33112462%86%0%
be-tarask: Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography)33128115%0%0%
bg: Bulgarian331997%20%1%
bn: Bangla331598%74%0%
br: Breton33117945%0%1%
bs: Bosnian33116450%0%0%
ca: Catalan3311096%99%2%
ckb: Central Kurdish3313145%0%0%
da: Danish33121634%1%1%
de: German331698%19%2%
diq: Zazaki3314486%0%1%
el: Greek331598%76%0%
en: English3310100%0%0%
eo: Esperanto33125622%0%1%
es: Spanish331997%19%1%
et: Estonian33124226%0%0%
fa: Persian3311096%96%2%
fi: Finnish3313489%15%1%
fit: Tornedalen Finnish3313019%0%0%
fr: French3310100%75%0%
gl: Galician3313028%0%1%
gu: Gujarati33127417%0%0%
he: Hebrew3310100%14%0%
hi: Hindi33125223%32%0%
hr: Croatian33122133%84%0%
hy: Armenian33122033%0%0%
id: Indonesian3314087%0%1%
ike-cans: Eastern Canadian (Aboriginal syllabics)3313106%0%0%
io: Ido3312592%0%0%
is: Icelandic33127516%0%0%
it: Italian331997%0%0%
ja: Japanese3314985%2%1%
ka: Georgian33129710%0%1%
kn: Kannada33119640%9%0%
ko: Korean3315782%0%1%
ks-arab: Kashmiri (Arabic script)33115553%10%0%
ku-latn: Kurdish (Latin script)33121036%24%0%
lb: Luxembourgish3317677%0%1%
lij: Ligurian3310100%2%0%
lld: Ladin3313213%0%0%
lv: Latvian3313164%0%0%
mk: Macedonian3310100%0%0%
ml: Malayalam3318674%0%1%
ms: Malay33120538%0%1%
ms-arab: Malay (Jawi script)33120238%0%0%
my: Burmese33121734%0%0%
myv: Erzya3313203%0%0%
nb: Norwegian Bokmål33114855%0%0%
ne: Nepali33122232%0%0%
nl: Dutch3310100%0%0%
oc: Occitan33122133%0%1%
pl: Polish33120737%0%0%
pt: Portuguese331598%44%0%
pt-br: Brazilian Portuguese331598%0%0%
qqq: Message documentation33123329%0%0%
rmc: Carpathian Romani3313038%0%0%
ro: Romanian33128115%0%1%
roa-tara: Tarantino3311096%100%2%
ru: Russian3314387%15%0%
scn: Sicilian33126719%0%0%
sd: Sindhi3313183%0%0%
sdc: Sassarese Sardinian3313154%0%0%
sje: Pite Sami3312989%0%0%
sk: Slovak331598%0%0%
sl: Slovenian3312791%0%0%
smn: Inari Sami3312999%3%0%
sms: Skolt Sami33127516%0%0%
sq: Albanian33128812%0%0%
sro: Campidanese Sardinian33127616%0%0%
su: Sundanese3313028%0%1%
sv: Swedish331997%12%1%
te: Telugu331797%0%1%
th: Thai33125822%0%0%
ti: Tigrinya33128912%0%0%
tl: Tagalog33126619%0%0%
tly: Talysh3313009%0%0%
tr: Turkish331598%89%0%
uk: Ukrainian331598%92%0%
ur: Urdu3313988%5%1%
uz: Uzbek331598%0%0%
vec: Venetian3313788%0%1%
vi: Vietnamese3317776%85%1%
wuu: Wu Chinese33122930%36%0%
xmf: Mingrelian33127816%0%1%
yue: Cantonese33126519%0%0%
zgh: Standard Moroccan Tamazight33127417%0%0%
zh-hans: Simplified Chinese3313788%26%1%
zh-hant: Traditional Chinese3310100%3%0%
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Map of translators
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Add yourself to map See also: Category:Wikistats 2.0 translators — all users that registered their participation in their user page (including those not indicating their location).
Open support requests
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